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The Alan Gregg Papers

Letter from Alexander Makinsky to Alan Gregg pdf (160,220 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Alexander Makinsky to Alan Gregg
Item is handwritten.
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1939-10-18 (October 18, 1939)
Makinsky, Alexander
Rockefeller Foundation
Gregg, Alan
Reproduced with permission of the Rockefeller Foundation.
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Director of Medical Sciences, 1930-1945
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Letters (correspondence)
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Paris, Oct. 18, 1939
Dear Dr. Gregg,
Thank you so much for "Table d'hote." What a nice way you have of keeping in touch with friends! When shall we get the second series? that is to say the part beginning September 3rd,--your "war" diary?
Things are becoming less wild and disorganized than they were at the beginning, and this makes my job here naturally easier, although we are still extremely busy, with no Sundays and no week-end rests. I don't mind it at all, however, especially when I see to what extent all the Foundation does is appreciated by the French, the British, the [. . .]--in other words by all those with whom we have to deal and with whom I have tried to maintain contact. All the officers from La [. . .] have now been here; some of them for a day or
two--like [. . .]; others, like TBK and [. . .] for longer periods of time; you will have received, before this letter reaches you, their impressions, suggestions and comments. The appreciation of the Foundation's work on the part of everyone is so vivid, that I can foresee the disappointment which would accompany any decision of the RF to withdraw from Europe; and I feel that if such a decision were taken, or if the permanent and close contact which we have had--and are still having--, were to be interrupted, it would mean that all of our efforts of the past 20 years to establish friendships and to gain the confidence of local people (some of which it took almost 20 years to build up) would be entirely wasted. The Foundation means to European scientists much more than just a cheque at the end of the month; and this I realize now more than ever before. In their eyes we have a distinct moral value; Keeping in touch with us gives them a feeling of confidence which it is hard to explain in this brief note to you; and in to-day's wild world the presence of the Foundation
is a proof to them that everything has not yet gone to pieces, and that there is still something stable and permanent left untouched, upon which one can build someday a constructive basis for future generations.
But my letter is getting too long, and I must stop, as the mail closes in a few minutes.
With kindest regards to you and to Mrs. Gregg.
Very sincerely
Alexander Makinsky
Please remember me to Dr. Lambert.
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