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The Alan Gregg Papers

Letter from Herbert Hoover to Alan Gregg pdf (156,246 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Herbert Hoover to Alan Gregg
Hoover invites Gregg to be on the Medical Services Task Force of the Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government.
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1953-10-11 (October 11, 1953)
Hoover, Herbert
Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government
Gregg, Alan
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Postwar Work and Retirement, 1945-1956
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Letters (correspondence)
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October 11, 1953
Dear Dr. Gregg:
As you may know, the Congress has recreated the above Commission, and I have been drafted again as its Chairman.
One of the most important of our problems is the Medical Services of the Federal Goverment. Under authority from the Commission I am again organizing a Task Force to examine and make recommendations on this subject.
I have secured the following members of the previous Task Force of 1947-50 to serve again:
Dr. E. D. Churchill, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
Dr. Michael DeBakey of Houston
Dr. Hugh R. Leavell of Harvard School of Public Health
General Paul Hawley of Chicago. Former Commander Medical Corps, U.S. Army -- former head of Veterans' Administration Medical Service
Dr. Allan O. Whipple of Princeton
And in addition, Dr. Roscoe Miller, President of Northwestern University, formerly head of their Medical School, has accepted membership.
A number of members suggested the choice of a layman to attend to details of organization. Mr. Chauncey McCormick of Chicago has been chosen for this positisn. Mr. McCormick has at various times been chairman or director of Illinois Child Welfare Commission, Art Institute of Chicago, the Community Fund, and other public organizations.
At a preliminary conference, the members present requested that you should be invited to join their membership. I am particularly glad to ask you to do so, for you can make a most important contribution in advancing solution of a very difficult and grave problem in our Government.
The following other eminent men, aside from yourself, are being asked to become members:
Dr. Francis Braceland of Hartford, Connecticut
Dr. Evarts A. Graham of St. Louis
Dr. Walter B. Martin of Virginia
Dr. Basil MacLane of Rochester, New York
Dr. Milton Winternitz of Washington, D. C.
In order not to tax your time, in addition to the service of Mr. McCormick, the Task Force will set up whatever research staff is required. Dr. Edwin L. Crosby, Jr.of Chicago has been suggested to head the researh organization.
With the development of the information needed, occasional meetings of the Task Force will be required to formulate new inquiries and recommendations.
As an indication of our previous procedure, I send you copies of the reports of the former Commission. Unfortunately, only a part of these recommendations have been adopted by the Government. No doubt these former recommendations will need to be reconsidered but they are in no way binding on the new Task Force, and indeed some of their objectives will need be accomplished in some other manner. And new problems will need solution. But the climate is now more favorable for adoption of recommendations.
I propose a meeting of the Medical Task Force some time in the latter part of October convenient to the members, where additional members representing other branches of the problem may need to be selected and possibly the Task Force divided into teams on separate problems. I would be glad to receive your decision by telegram and an indication of what day of the week is most convenient to you for meetings.
I might add a personal word. It would greatly ease my own responsibilities and be an assurance to the Congress, the President, and the country to have your experience and talents joined with us.
Yours faithfully,
Herbert Hoover
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