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Sex Research Supported by the RF and Related Rockefeller Boards pdf (68,956 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Sex Research Supported by the RF and Related Rockefeller Boards
Summary listing of Rockefeller Foundation funding of sex research.
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1948-11-19 (November 19, 1948)
[Rockefeller Foundation]
Original Repository: Rockefeller Archive Center. Rockefeller Foundation Archives
Reproduced with permission of the Rockefeller Foundation.
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Sexual Behavior
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Postwar Work and Retirement, 1945-1956
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November 19, 1948
Sex Research Supported by the RF and Related Rockefeller Boards
Major Projects
Only three major projects specifically for sex research programs have been supported by the RF, but the total sum appropriated is large: $1,152,200. In addition, large sums have been provided for programs in endocrinology and genetics. The three projects follow:
National Research Council
$1,005,000 for support of Committee for Research in Problems of Sex: 1931 through 1949. Last appropriation December 3, 1946.
$120,000 for support of research at Indiana University under Alfred C. Kinsey: July 1, 1946 - June 30, 1949. Appropriated April 3, 1946. (See earlier support given by Bureau of Social Hygiene.)
Indiana University
$14,000 for library collections in Institute for Sex Research, Inc. Appropriated September 19, 1947.
University of Rochester
$13,200 for research on the physiology of reproduction under Dr. G.W. Corner: 1935-1938. Last appropriation April 17, 1935.
Grants in Aid
The work of large numbers of individuals doing research on problems related to sex has been aided but it is almost impossible to estimate the sums made available in this form. Such individual work has been almost entirely on the medical, physiological or chemical aspects of the problem and the grants are listed under endocrinology, genetics, general physiology, etc. A case in point is the aid given to the University of Birmingham, totalling $19,215, for Dr. Lancelot Hogben's research program in general physiology (sometimes listed as reproduction physiology and genetics).
Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Projects
Crime Studies under Bureau of Social Hygiene in 1928
$28,000 in support of the research of Leonard Harrison and M. Winsor. This included some studies of pathology of sex.
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