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The Alan Gregg Papers

Letter from Richard M. Pearce to Alan Gregg pdf (138,726 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Richard M. Pearce to Alan Gregg
Reply to a request for assistance for Hugh Cairns.
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1929-02-13 (February 13, 1929)
Pearce, Richard M.
[Rockefeller Foundation]
Gregg, Alan
Original Repository: Rockefeller Archive Center. Rockefeller Foundation Archives
Reproduced with permission of the Rockefeller Foundation.
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"Rockefeller Man" in Brazil and Europe, 1919-1930
Metadata Record [Diary entry on visit to Hugh Cairns's house] (January 23, 1929) pdf (61,441 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Metadata Record Letter from Barbara Cairns to Alan Gregg (August 5, 1952) pdf (102,612 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Letters (correspondence)
February 13, 1929
Dear Alan:
Cairn's problem is I realize exceedingly difficult. I had hoped that some arrangement might be made with Fletcher and the Research Council so that you would be in the position of co-operating with them rather than dealing directly with the London Hospital. With this out of the question I am not inclined to follow Ellis's plan, on the basis of the conclusions which you have reached yourself. Our interest in the London Hospital in the past has been chiefly in connection with the units and while we have not been able to do much, I am not inclined to follow our precedent in connection with pathology, to bolster up the school generally. This takes us too far afield not only in connection with our old program, but also is absolutely out of the question in connection with our new program. As our new programs work out there may be occasionally something that can be done for research at the London Hospital, but it should be done under the grants in aid which we plan to establish and which I assume will be included in your Developmental program. I should therefore aid Cairns directly by a grant which I assume may be made to him without further consultation with the London Hospital. This you can do under your development program, and I should suggest that at this time it be guaranteed for two years. I assume his first year is about ended, and if you now give him the sum for one year to be renewed at the end of the year and allow him free distribution of it, I think it will be in accord with the program which we are working out for grants in aid. You can make this from your developmental fund without reference to this office, and settle all the details yourself. In order to safeguard the second year you might tell Cairns that while aid is guaranteed the conditions during the second year may be somewhat different from those under which you make the present contribution. The amount I leave to you. In order to avoid dealing with the hospital authorities I suggest you make this grant to Cairns personally without conditions, and he can make such adjustments with the hospital authorities as he may see fit. I do not understand why Cairns is not allowed some outside practice. He is not a member of the unit. He is not on full time as I understand it. And I can only explain Ellis's point of view by the suspicion on my part that he is trying to manoeuvre us into the re-establishment and support of a surgical unit at London which I do not think is advisable from our point of view. What we are trying to do for Cairns is to give him an opportunity to develop modern neurosurgery in London, and if the London Hospital does not care to co-operate, we will do it anyway unless we are informed that our aid is not desired.
The plan of fellowships which I sent you you understand was merely preliminary. On February 8 GEV mailed material to SMG and I mailed material to you which shows the final conclusions. After approval by the Paris group these will go to the Executive Committee for final action and them will go into effect.
Go slow on Greenfield and Holmes and Queens Square. With the aid we have given the Kraepelin Institute, with the establishment at Yale of the Institute of Psychology and Psychiatry, with the possibility of aid for Voght at Berlin if you eventually recommend it, and the possibility of our doing something in psychiatry in Chicago, I think we might feel we have made a proper start and then go rather slowly in neurology and psychiatry until something really significant is before us.
Yours sincerely,
Richard M. Pearce
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