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The Alan Gregg Papers

[Diary entry on lunch with Michael M. Davis, chair of the Committee on Research in Medical Economics] pdf (73,304 Bytes) transcript of pdf
[Diary entry on lunch with Michael M. Davis, chair of the Committee on Research in Medical Economics]
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1942-06-30 (June 30, 1942)
Gregg, Alan
Original Repository: Rockefeller Archive Center. Rockefeller Foundation Archives
Reproduced with permission of the Rockefeller Foundation.
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Economics, Medical
Social Medicine
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Director of Medical Sciences, 1930-1945
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From AG's diary:
June 30, 1942
MMD - lunch
Wants to get together some people to constitute a large but informal group of persons interested in the field of medical economics, social medicine, etc. with special reference to the magazine which Williams and Wilkins are now getting out under Davis' editorship. I suggested to Davis that he call a conference rather than create an advisory board - a conference to discuss what should be the particular purposes and policy of the magazine for next year. In this way he can get discussion and thinking started in terms of what will be done about the magazine and accomplish his objectives. The magazine has about 1000 subscribers and the list is not going down, new subscribers taking the place of some 15%-17% of subscriptions unrenewed.
Told Davis that I would be willing to ask further about his plans for the next two years in September. Outside figure for anything he would request would be $7500. In the general field of medical care, things are happening pretty rapidly. The labor unions could be a very powerful source of support and the needs to certain communities created or enormously enlarged by war industries or military increments have combined with a shortage of doctors and the shortage of intelligence among doctors to create situations into which the USPHS is now prepared to move with doctors on Federal salaries. An example of this is a town in northern Florida which has within the last year grown from 500 to 6500 and the nearest physician 12 miles away.
Davis aware of but not suffering from the emotions of a partially used ghost, i.e. he wrote a full speech for Paul McNutt. McN took a random spots from it, mixed them with points apparently from other writers and left D. furious.
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