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The Alan Gregg Papers

[Diary entry on a visit to Harvard regarding an industrial hazards project] pdf (106,387 Bytes) transcript of pdf
[Diary entry on a visit to Harvard regarding an industrial hazards project]
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1936-02-04 (February 4, 1936)
Gregg, Alan
Original Repository: Rockefeller Archive Center. Rockefeller Foundation Archives
Reproduced with permission of the Rockefeller Foundation.
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Director of Medical Sciences, 1930-1945
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From AG's diary:
Feb. 4, 1936 - Boston
Dr. Arlie V. Bock
Says that Brouha, a Belgian working with L. J. Henderson, has done valuable work correcting some of Cannon's hypotheses, and will be occupied with student hygiene in the University of Brussells.
President J. B. Conat, Harvard University, Cambridge
Discussed status in future of industrial hazards project. Conant extremely anxious to continue both Henderson and Mayo's work. Would like to have Henderson as Research Professor, and to have funds to continue his investigative work, salary being taken care of by the University. C is not sure that Dill is quite good enough for permanent appointment, but would welcome about five years more of his work.
Told Conant that visit was of a preliminary care or, as I had not met Dean Donham of the Business School, nor had anything more than a casual meeting with Mayo. I should infer that no one is particularly interested in continuing tie-up with H. A. Murray's psychological clinic as part of the industrial hazards set-up. Cy EB
Spent the afternoon with Professor Lawrence J. Henderson and Dean Wallace B. Donham, Harvard School of Business Administration. Met Brouha, who makes a very favorable impression.
Henderson feels that the work in his laboratory has been important in two ways; first, in addition to knowledge of desirable procedure in certain types of industrial fatigue, heat cramps, as a special example; and second, in the sense that it has illustrated concepts of considerable importance to physiology, particularly that of interacting causes.
Henderson extremely appreciative of the degree of freedom permitted under the terms of the project, and points out the great difference between a project chosen by an individual who takes it as the interest he chooses to follow, and a project chosen by a non-performer on the basis of its presumable importance or desirability. Henderson has high opinion of Mayo's sagacity and comprehension. Cy EB
Dean Wallace B. Donham, Harvard School of Business Administration
D makes it clear that Mayo's contribution has been of considerable importance in the evolution of what the Business School is trying to do, especially with regard to the emphasis upon labor and capital relationships. D expects the Littauer project in Government to draw upon Mayo's experience, and states that the project has now gotten to the point of having prior lien on many other developments, if funds were lacking from outside sources. Cy EB
Donham gets rather dramatic on the subject of the limitations imposed by his own weak heart, and the difficulties that would be involved by additional efforts he would have to make to raise money, or the loss of an indispensable leader at the present time in the Business School (Donham).
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