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The Alan Gregg Papers

[Pearce diary entry expressing support for Gregg's learning experience in Italy] pdf (112,904 Bytes) transcript of pdf
[Pearce diary entry expressing support for Gregg's learning experience in Italy]
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1924-12-05 (December 5, 1924)
[Pearce, Richard M.]
Rockefeller Foundation
Original Repository: Rockefeller Archive Center. Rockefeller Foundation Archives
Reproduced with permission of the Rockefeller Foundation.
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"Rockefeller Man" in Brazil and Europe, 1919-1930
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Paris. December 5th. 1924.
Prof. Magnus, Utrecht and Doctor Gregg
General discussion of the plan for pharmacology. Agreement on final assignment, on the assumption that the University can contribute a total of 125,000 florins towards a total of 585,000 florins (See letter of December 6th and minute for the docket forwarded to W.S.C.)
(Note for Wells)
R. de Silva Margarido - Arrangements will be made for him to work with Professor Loewi at Graz.
Magnus of Utrecht suggests Professor W. Straub of Munich, Professor W. Heubner of Gottingen and Professor Paul Treuhdelenburg of Freiburg as the three best men in pharmacology with whom our men might work. (Copy sent to Wells - GB)
Doctor Gregg
Prolonged discussions of plans, policies etc. Gregg will probably be busy in Italy until March 1st and then plans to visit Spain and Portugal; I will probably go down in February when his work in Italy is approaching an end. He has secured a very good secretary, only for the three months' period and not as a permanent man.
I think Gregg is a little out of touch with the New York Office; I will send him, while I am in Europe, the diaries of WSC and FWO'C and, when I return, I think a copy of these as well as my diary might be sent to him direct.
Paris. Dec. 6th.
Afternoon spent in Professor Brumpt's Laboratory of Parisitology (See Notes)
Doctor Hackett here for conference with Gunn - He had dinner with me and seemed very delighted about his Italian work.
Doctor Gregg
General Discussion
Sunday, December 7, 1924
The past week has been divided roughly between Lyons and Gregg - the former as depressing as the latter is stimulating.
Lyons, on the side of nursing and child welfare is progressing; but otherwise the medical problem is discouraging. Like Brussels and Leiden it has a white elephant on its hands in the shape of an incomplete old-fashioned type of sprawling pavilion hospital. By the time that is completed and equipped it will have no money for medical education. Lepine is progressive (from French point of view, not from ours) earnest, capable, and businesslike, but defends the real faults of the French system. However, I may get more light after my next visit and with the experience of visits to other schools in the meantime. (Copy sent to HvW)
Gregg has gained an insight into problems of Central and Eastern Europe through his tour with HOE, covering every country of emergency program except Turkey. He has made a start on Italy, recently has secured a secretary who is also interpreter, and hopes to have Italy completed by March 1. We have talked over all sorts of programs, problems and plans. He returns to Rome on the 9th and I will join him in February. His French is pretty fair, but Italian as yet inadequate - his interpreter will help him get it. Alan Jr. weighs 22 lbs., "finest baby" etc. Family comfortably located at Capri. AG in fine form.
Gunn is back from Jugoslavia and reports that Stampar appears to have weathered the storm. (Copy sent to FFR)
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