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The William Osler Papers

[Back of an advertisement for Sal-Codeia Bell featuring a portrait of William Osler (in front)] transcript of jpg
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Bell & Company used Osler's portrait (in front) to promote their product "Sal-Codeia Bell," billed as a remedy "for rheumatic, neuragic, fermentative, inflammatory conditions."
It is not known whether Osler approved of this use of his portrait, the company likely hoped to prosper by the seeming endorsement of a famous physician. This photograph was probably taken while Osler was physician-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore.
[Description courtesy of McGill University.]
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ca. 1890s
[Bell & Company, Inc.]
Original Repository: Osler Library of the History of Medicine, McGill University. William Osler Photo Collection
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Image Number: CUS_046-033_PB
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"Father of Modern Medicine": The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, 1889-1905
Metadata Record [Advertisement for Sal-Codeia Bell featuring a portrait of William Osler] [ca. Early 1900s] jpg (133,403 Bytes)
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Photographic prints
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Sal-Codeia Bell
Salacetin gr. 5 Codeine Sulphate gr. 1/4
Analgesic, Sedative, Anti-lithic, Anti-fermentative, Anti-pyretic.
For Rheumatic, Neuralgic, Lithemic, Fermentative, Inflammatory Conditions.
Stops Pain, removes Uric Acid, checks Fermentation, reduces Inflammation and Temperature. No depression, constipation, irritation or drug habit follows.
"Trial is Proof."
Dose -- Two tablets dissolved in hot water, followed by one or two t. i. d. as necessary. On prescription at druggists, or one dollar per hundred by mail to physicians and druggists only.
Bell & Company (Inc.)
Manufacturing Chemists.
Chicago. 68 Murray St., N.Y.
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