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The William Osler Papers

Letter from A. R. Neligan to William Osler pdf (1,095,171 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from A. R. Neligan to William Osler
Neligan responds to Osler's letter. He reports on his progress with the scheme to restore the Tomb of Avicenna at Hamadan and offers his suggestions on how the project ought to proceed.
[Description courtesy of McGill University.]
Soon after Osler's death in 1919, Lady Osler asked their good friend Dr. Harvey Cushing to write a biography. For this project, Cushing gathered a wide variety of material, including a substantial amount of Osler correspondence and other memorabilia borrowed from Osler's family, friends, and colleagues. He employed three secretaries to transcribe these documents, and later donated the transcripts (along with his other working materials) to the Osler Library. Many of the original documents were returned to the owners. The originals that were retained, together with the Cushing transcripts, constitute the largest and most accessible collection of Osler's correspondence.
Harvey Cushing's "Life of Sir William Osler" was published by Oxford University Press in 1925, and was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1926.
Item is handwritten.
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1914-06-17 (June 17, 1914)
Neligan, A. R.
Osler, William
Original Repository: Osler Library of the History of Medicine, McGill University. Osler Library Archive Collections, P417: Harvey Cushing Fonds
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Letters (correspondence)
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June 17: 1914.
Dear Sir William Osler,
Thank you for your letter of May 18. Please excuse the delay in answering it. I have been pressing things both here and at Hamadan as much as possible & have now succeeded in having all the interviews I wanted ending up with the Regent today.
Replying to your letter in detail: -
1. We have agreed here to confine subscription to the profession. It is good to hear of the leading Societies being interested.
2. The permanent committee (local) has been only approved by all here. It will consist of: - The (?) For Public Instruction & Religious Endowments: The physician to the Shah. The doctor of the American mission in Hamadan. A Mohammedan physician at Hamadan. The manager of the Imperial Bank of Persia and Hamadan. The physician of the British (?).
So I shall not be in England this summer. Have you ever thought of coming out here? I would like to show you Hamadan. There should be (?) All over the work of next spring.
3. I would like to see a draft of the appeal. Perhaps it would be in economy to have the Persian translations finished here. Yes I think it should be in the languages you mention. Would you think of adding German? Browne would be delighted to do it into Persian.
4. There is no risk of objections from the religious folk so both the Regent in the Minister for Public Instruction tell me. Indeed I have myself discussed the whole thing with one of the biggest mujaheds Tehran this (?) & they were very interested & approved the plan. Incidentally they asked me to discuss some of the precepts of Islam in the light of modern sanitary science!
Referring to a previous letter of yours - the Shah would be very pleased to be named patron of the appeal & I think it would be a polite thing to have him.
There is no endowment so the subscription is badly wanted.
If you think the subscription list is going to be a big one - which you consider the advisability affixing a maximum subscription? If however there is a surplus over & above the 600 pounds which to my mind is the minimum that we should ask for - there are two objects to which we can apply it
(1) To a prize or scholarship at the school of medicine here.
(2) to buying & enclosing a small piece of waste land & adding it to the perimeters of the tomb so that the latter should be in the middle of its enclosure & not on one boundary wall.
These two points can however be fully discussed after the money has come in.
And sorry to say I have no news of my article sent over two months ago to the Editor of the (?) Journal. I have written to inquire why he has not acknowledged it.
We are hoping here that you will make the appeal as soon as you possibly can now.
If I can help you in any other way I shall only be too glad to do so.
With my kind regards
Yours sincerely
A. R. Neligan
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