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The William Osler Papers

Letter from William Osler to his cousin, Jennette Osler pdf (1,215,144 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from William Osler to his cousin, Jennette Osler
Item is handwritten.
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1873-01-16 (January 16, 1873)
[Osler, William]
[Osler, Jennette]
Original Repository: Osler Library of the History of Medicine, McGill University. Osler Library Archive Collections, P417: Harvey Cushing Fonds
This item is in the public domain. It may be used without permission.
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Medical Education and Early Career, McGill University, 1870-1884
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Letters (correspondence)
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My dear Jeanette
I was so glad to get your nice long letter yesterday morning and to hear that you and the dear old Marian were well, at least so I supposed until I read the little Mothers letter in which she says that you are a used up party afflicted with nose-bleedings &c. That is not good, you must take better care of yourself I am sorry Percy is not well, but he is in good hands medically and I am sure with two such nurses no one ought to be ill long I hope they have sent down my last two
or three letters as they tell of my Xmas visit in Norfolk. I spent a very happy 10 days in spite of a rather severe cold which kept me indoors for nearly a week I did not get to church on Xmas day even. I was going to say for the first time in my life, but probably my first two Xmas days were spent in a very similar manner, eating & sleeping forming the chief part. Books Music and cats are the chief features in Witton vicarage. The former I read, the second I listened to and tried to understand while the third I teased unmercifully. The girls are accomplished, good musicians &c, but are lacking in looks, which in spite of all else are very requisite. At Norwich I visited the cathedral and saw what I could of the relics of my favorite Sir T. Browne. His skull and a good painting were in the infirmary, his tomb in the church of St. Peter Mancroft. I could not resist the temptation of seeing Ely & so stopped there on my way up. It is a wonderful building, the restoration making it look almost perfect. I was there for the morning service joining in fact with a couple of lads, the congregation
I am very sure that after a months residence in this moist Isle you would pine for the land of your adoption. It only needs the "fountains of the great deep" to break up and then in many parts the deluge would be complete. For a few days the rain has ceased, but the clouds only permit an occasional gleam of sunlight.
One hardly knows which to pity most: Mr. Prince or Miss Haskell. What are they giving to live on? Is he still in connection with St. John's? He is very good, but I should not be heartbroken if I found him gone on my return. How is that seed Mc _? I am glad he is making another effort: although they will never save him; still I should think in a case like that when the hereditory taint is so marked every struggle will will lessen his condemnation I have not yet been to see your old friend but must make an effort to do so soon. I went to Drury Lane the other evening & saw the Xmas pantomime it was very grand and nice but oh! so long. I left long before it was over. Napoleon's death has caused such a sensation: he was buried yesterday. I will try and get a paper with
full particulars and it though of course the news will be stale enough by the time you get this letter.
You may quiet your soul about my India schemes. I shall not go there Canada's my destination.
They seem to have had a pleasant Xmas in the West, but you have had our share of cold; even in Dundas they have had 10 degrees below zero. I must hurry as the mail closes in half an hour. We go out to a shindy at the Pellats this evening. They are always very kind & the old woman seems to have taken a fancy in this quarter. I have not seen or been out to see the Francis' for an age. I am thiniking of gping there on Sunday.
Much love to Marion. Kisses to all the kids.
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