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The William Osler Papers

Letter from William Osler to his cousin, Jennette Osler pdf (1,863,108 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from William Osler to his cousin, Jennette Osler
Item is handwritten.
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1874-03-22 (March 22, 1874)
[Osler, William]
[Osler, Jennette]
Original Repository: Osler Library of the History of Medicine, McGill University. Osler Library Archive Collections, P417: Harvey Cushing Fonds
This item is in the public domain. It may be used without permission.
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Medical Education and Early Career, McGill University, 1870-1884
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Letters (correspondence)
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March 22nd 1874
My dear Jeanette
I called at the Krankenhaus this evening & then was delighted to get yours of the 4th with the Mothers enclosure. My emotional thermometer has come up at least 20 degrees at the good news and all anxiety on my part about the disfigurement has passed away. It is uncommonly satisfactory. Doctors & nurses, indeed the whole Hospital Staff are to be congratulated on the happy result. The patients themselves no doubt feel "that within which passeth show" - even if the condition of their faces would enable them to express it.
Give the patients my best love & congratulations. You little details were most acceptable, the former accounts were too general for an M.D. I trust this week to begin my homeward progress and will probably get as far as Paris by Saturday. It is a matter of some forty hours by rail & I shall probably break the journey either Munich or Strasburg, the galleries attracting at the former, the Laboratories at the latter. A good deal will depend on how I feel I'm getting to Munich after a night on the train. My friend Hutchison is still in Paris & will act as guide then I expect to be in London for Easter Sunday. As a pleasing change we had our proper person at the chapel today, in whose place a converted native has been officiating for some time. Anything High- Low- Broad will do for me after six months on the Continent. The chaplain here, Mr. Johnson, is a remarkably fine looking old man with long white
hair and a face which reminds me of the portraits of some of the old musicians. There is a dash of sadness also about it as though he was one of those who did not "take the current when it served" hence the consequences - a chaplaincy abroad instead of a bishopric at home. You see I am rather Shakespearean tonight. Shakespeare has been my light literature for some time; that accounts for it. We - Steven and I - went for a long walk this afternoon to the Prater Park in the new Danube Channel in process of making this latter is a wonderful work of engineering. The River just north of Vienna takes a band, breaks into several streams and unites again a few miles below the city. This channel when finished will unite the river from the point where it divides above to wear it again becomes a single stream below. It is really a vast work, but well on to completion. The Viennese justly felt very proud of it. The bad will be quite (in some parts) as wide as the Thames at London and deep enough for large vessels to come up. The Prater Park is not unlike
Kensington Gardens but treble the size. The Exhibition Buildings still stand, the material not being worth the expense of pulling it down. Prater Strasse running through the park is the Northern Row of Vienna and as the afternoon was a fine one, the youth & beauty of the city mustered in force. The women dressed very neatly, occasionally overdoing it but 'passing fair' is almost over praise for their faces. The private carriages & horses are good (as they are English) & if it was not for the number of cabs whose drivers are veritable John's one might fancy himself in Hyde Park. I am going to do the Royal Treasury & Stables with one or two other little things this week & then shall have pretty well finished the Vienna sights. My next will probably be dated Paris.
Love to all
P.S. I have heard from Maman lately she sails in the (I forget)
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