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The William Osler Papers

Letter from William Osler to Francis J. Shepherd [Transcript] pdf (411,329 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from William Osler to Francis J. Shepherd [Transcript]
Osler understands Shepherd's misgivings about taking the Demonstratorship at McGill, but urges him to accept the position. He asks Shepherd to stop in at Hartnack's in Paris to check on the microscopes he ordered. He also requests photographs of Hyrtl, Hebra, Bamberger, and many more.
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1875-05-28 (May 28, 1875)
Osler, William
Shepherd, Francis J.
Original Repository: Osler Library of the History of Medicine, McGill University. Osler Library Archive Collections, P417: Harvey Cushing Fonds
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Medical Education and Early Career, McGill University, 1870-1884
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Letters (correspondence)
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(To Dr. F. J. Shepherd)
No. 20 Radegonde St. (Montreal)
May 28th (1875)
My dear Shepherd
Your letter came to hand yesterday. I can very well understand your hesitation in accepting the Demonstratorship for I have felt the same thing myself. You'll get over that, and should too, for remember what advantage you have had and are having. You will come to your work better prepared than any Demonstrator McGill has had for many a year. When had Roddick dissected last on his accepting it? Probably in his third year. I wish I was with you in Wien just now. Everybody says it is so enjoyable there in the spring months. I suppose you will bring a Hartnack Microscope with you when you come: it will be useful. Do you return by way of Paris? If so I wish you would call at his place No. 1 Rue Bonaparte and see in what condition the microscopes I have ordered are in. I ordered 12 & want them out before the session begins so that you may perhaps hurry him up a little. I want to get me the Photos of the following men - that place in the Graben is the best - Hyrtl, Hebra, Bamberger, Skoda Oppolzer - (dead but a Photo extant) Jager, Billroth, Stricker, Rokitansky - who is a successor, by the way, is it Recklinghausen if so one of his also - one in any case, no matter who - Carl Braun, Brucke (2). Also a set of those cheap photos of the City (Cartes). Could you also get a Stricker's simple warm stage. They are made by Kuntz, I believe, but Schenck could tell you about them. They are about 6-8 guelden. I want badly some back numbers of the Arch. f. Dermatol. u. Arch. fur Heilk. but it will pay me better to go to Boston and consult them to buy the whole set. At a number of cases of purpura and smallpox & and preparing a paper on the subject. I may want a work or two, but if so will write you by next mail. I shall deposit some cash to your credit at your brother's office. We are getting a little nice weather at last, but things are very backward as yet. Browne is doing very well in his large house. Practices dull with me - never has been brisk. O. C. E. Is in much the same state, but unfortunately, has not a College and Hospital to butter his bread. I am sure your people have been very kind indeed to me. I was at Como on the 24th with your brother & spent a very pleasant day.
Let me know when you are to be in London.
Yours very sincerely
Wm Osler
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