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The William Osler Papers

Letter from Ellen Osler to her son, William Osler [Transcript] pdf (695,675 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Ellen Osler to her son, William Osler [Transcript]
Ellen Osler comments on the charge of misconduct and assault that was brought against a number of boys from the Trinity College Grammar School at Weston, including Osler.
[Description courtesy of McGill University.]
About this transcript: Soon after Osler's death in 1919, Lady Osler asked their good friend Dr. Harvey Cushing to write a biography. For this project, Cushing gathered a wide variety of material, including a substantial amount of Osler correspondence and other memorabilia borrowed from Osler's family, friends, and colleagues. He employed three secretaries to transcribe these documents, and later donated the transcripts (along with his other working materials) to the Osler Library. Because many of the original documents were returned to the owners, the Cushing transcripts constitute the largest and most accessible collection of Osler's correspondence.
Harvey Cushing's "Life of Sir William Osler" was published by Oxford University Press in 1925, and was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1926.
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1866-04-19 (April 19, 1866)
Osler, Ellen
[Osler, William]
Transcriber: [Cushing, Harvey]
Original Repository: Osler Library of the History of Medicine, McGill University. Osler Library Archive Collections, P417: Harvey Cushing Fonds
This item is in the public domain. It may be used without permission.
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Dundas April 19th. 1866
My dear Willie
I heard from Hennie that you had been there on your way to Lloydtown and I suppose that you will be journeying back to school again this week. I meant to have written yesterday and closed some more money but the Boultbees were here at dinner and I could not find time. I do not know exactly when the school reopens but hope you will not be behind the right time in returning. It was an unfortunate affair that of all you boys being brought into public notice and such a disreputable manner and although I do not think it was meant to be more than a mere schoolboy freak, such things often tell against the person long after, and I hear many say they think it will injure the reputation of the school. We were told to do unto others as we would wish them to do unto us and if we only followed this golden rule we should be more careful not only in our outward actions to others of our thoughts and words. We heard from Dr. Badgely the same day we had your letter last week telling us of the matter, and since then we have had the school report which on the whole was satisfactory. Could you only know my dear boy how earnestly my heart longs to see you walking in the paths of holiness you would I think strive to do well but there is One who loves you with a love far stronger than mine who gave Himself to die for you. He is "the Way, the Truth and the Life" in Him and only in Him is true peace and happiness to be found.
This warm weather is making everything start into fresh life, we have begun gardening in earnest. Papa is up every morning early at work, the things in the hotbed are going beautifully.
Let us know about the things you get at Walker's if they suit etc. Your sisters send their love and believe me
Your ever loving Mother
Ellen Osler
Enclosed you will find $2 and a stamp
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