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The William Osler Papers

[Joke prospectus for "Medical-Nautical Studies by Members of the North Atlantic Medical Society, edited by Dr. Francis Verdon of S.S."Campania," Perpetual President"] pdf (360,725 Bytes) transcript of pdf
[Joke prospectus for "Medical-Nautical Studies by Members of the North Atlantic Medical Society, edited by Dr. Francis Verdon of S.S."Campania," Perpetual President"]
Osler enclosed this "joke prospectus" for an edited volume of articles about seasickness (written by members of the "North Atlantic Medical Society") in his letter to Jacobs, January 13, 1910 referring to "that interesting trip" they shared.
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ca. January 1910
[Osler, William]
Original Repository: Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives. William Osler Collection
This item is in the public domain. It may be used without permission.
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Sir William: Regius Professor at Oxford, 1905-1919
Metadata Record Letter from William Osler to Henry Barton Jacobs (January 13, 1910) pdf (177,957 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Medico-Nautical Studies.
By Members of the North Atlantic Medical Society
Edited By
Dr. Francis Verdon
S.S. "Campania"
Perpetual President.
The volume containing about seven hundred pages will be issued from the Utopian Press, Thos. Moore & Sons, Atlantas. Price 1 pound.
I. A study of the 'sea-change' mentioned in the "Tempest" as a key to the Shakespeare-Baconian controversy. By Jas. Tyson.
II. The minimal lymph pressure in the ampullae as a cause of sea-sickness. By Harvey Cushing.
III. The otoconial rattle in sea-sickness. A study in aural auscultatory physics. By Maitland Ramsay.
IV. On Broadbent's theory of steady dextral cerulean vision as a preventative in the disease. By William Osler.
V. A demonstration of the centripetral course of the neuro-electrical vagal waves of Rosenbach, with ten charts. By T. McCrae.
VI. A comprehensive investigation on marine phosphenes with their relation to latitude and longitude. By J. A. Andrews.
VII. A statistical inquiry into the sequelae of sea-sickness in ten thousand consecutive cases treated with specifics. By Francis Verdon.
VIII. On the chemistry of aqua-verdin. A new gastro-cutaneous sea pigment. By Campbell Howard.
IX. A comparative study of the effects of prolonged sea-sickness on 1 drinkers 2 abstainers. By T. G. Roddick.
X. The aesthetics of sea-sickness with six photo-gravures from sketches by Sargent & Abbey. By Henry Barton Jacobs.
XI. Salt as the cause of appendicitis - results of a collective investigation showing the extraordinary frequency of the disease after sea voyages. By Herbert Bruce.
XII. A sociological inquiry upon the influence of sea travel on the birth rate of different communities. By Jas. Stewart.
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