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The William Osler Papers

Letter from William Osler to Henry Barton Jacobs pdf (421,392 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from William Osler to Henry Barton Jacobs
In this letter, Osler continued a discussion about getting some of Dr. J. F. Payne's splendid rare book collection for the Johns Hopkins Library. Payne, a good friend of Osler's who died earlier in 1910, was a pathologist, medical historian, and avid rare book collector; from 1899, he was Harveian Librarian at the Royal College of Physicians. He hoped to raise some funding from philanthropist Henry Phipps or others. A pencil note on this letter says, "The Payne Collection bought at this sale by the Wellcome Medical Historical Library." [Cushing's handwriting?]
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1911-06-19 (June 19, 1911)
Osler, William
[Jacobs, Henry Barton]
Original Repository: Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives. William Osler Collection
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Osler, Medical History, and Medical Libraries
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Letters (correspondence)
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13, Norham Gardens, Oxford.
June 19, 1911
Dear Jacobs,
Thanks for your suggestion about Mr. Phipps. I am very loath to give up the chance of getting so unique a collection for the Medical School. It is extraordinarily rich in English works which are very difficult to get, and some of the items have not been in sale catalogues for 10 years. I have written today to the Executors to find out the reserve price, and I shall certainly make application to Mr. Phipps to help in the matter. There is no reason why certain of the books should not go into the Phipps Dispensary if he wished.
I have just sent word to his daughter to find out when he arrives.
I missed the LOCKE Letter at the Huthe sale, the only one in which I was specially interested.
Many thanks for the Almanack and the LAENNEC. The Almanack is most interesting. I have a copy of the LAENNEC, but the one you sent will do for some library.
I wish I could have been here on Saturday night; I had the Colophon Club, (which is a sort of inner circle of the Bibliographical Society) at dinner at Christ Church. We had a interesting group of men, nearly all the important British Museum and other library men in London.
Is there any special friend of Marburg's to whom we could apply in case Phipps fails us? I judge from what Hodge says that the reserve price would be around 3000 pounds. Of course these old books are uncertain, and the entire library might realize much more; but on the other hand old medical books have a bad name.
I will look out for you early in July.
Love to Mrs. Jacobs.
Sincerely yours,
Wm. Osler
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