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The William Osler Papers

Letter from William Osler to Lewellys F. Barker pdf (27,783 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from William Osler to Lewellys F. Barker
In this letter, Osler responded to Barker's news that the Hopkins medical school had implemented a full-time requirement for its clinical as well as pre-clinical faculty chairs. He noted that the full-time salary offered was unacceptable, and that the whole-time arrangement would be bad for everyone. Barker, who succeeded Osler as Chair of Medicine, ultimately refused to go full-time, and so had to step down. Osler had earlier protested the full-time scheme as a bad idea, and was angry at the medical school's unfair treatment of his friend.
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1914-01-02 (January 2, 1914)
Osler, William
[Barker, Lewellys F.]
Original Repository: Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives. Lewellys Barker Collection
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Medical Staff
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Sir William: Regius Professor at Oxford, 1905-1919
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Letters (correspondence)
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2, Jan. 1914.
Dear Barker,
Happy New Year to you all!
I do not see how you possibly could accept at the figure mentioned. It seems to me too that there is an ethical question involved in this, - how far the Trustees or the Faculty have the right to change conditions under which you accepted the professorship; conditions under which too you became involved in heavy expenditure. There are two sides to this whole-time business for clinical men. It will not be very pleasant either for the faculty or the trustees to feel that their professors of medicine and surgery will play second fiddle in the town. I am afraid that it will have the disastrous effect of forcing these men into some sort of professional isolation as that to which the anatomists and physiologists have retired. That is very marked here.
Love to the family all.
Sincerely yours,
W Osler
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