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Memorandum from David Grob to Fred Grubel [on purchase of internal pacemakers for implantation in patients] pdf (53,248 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Memorandum from David Grob to Fred Grubel [on purchase of internal pacemakers for implantation in patients]
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1962-01-16 (January 16, 1962)
Grob, David
[Maimonides Hospital of Brooklyn]
Grubel, Fred
Reproduced with permission of Maimonides Medical Center.
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Pacemaker, Artificial
Hospital Costs
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Expanding Technological Possibilities, 1955-1970
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Folder: Correspondence, 1961-1962
January 16, 1962
Dr. David Grob
Mr. F. Grubel
Purchase of Internal Pacemakers for implantation in Patients
We have had patients waiting on the wards for purchase of Internal Pacemaker to be inserted in them. This ties up beds, ties up the external pacemakers which must be applied and which are in short supply, and jeopardizes the patients. A decision must be made as to how and when internal pacemakers are to be purchased for insertion in patients. If we find that it is impossible to purchase such pacemakers, then we must sharply restrict the program of installation of pacemakers in patients with complete heart block to those patients who are able to afford the pacemaker. This would obviously be a highly undesirable situation, and would be in direct contradiction of the principles and purposes of the hospital. On the other hand, we cannot continue as we are now, having patients sit on the wards for weeks at a time waiting for a decision as to how the internal pacemakers are to be purchased.
Would you please set up a meeting of all those concerned, so that the hospital can assume its proper responsibility in this matter.
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