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The Adrian Kantrowitz Papers

Letter from R. C. Bunts to Adrian Kantrowitz pdf (64,154 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from R. C. Bunts to Adrian Kantrowitz
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1964-02-06 (February 6, 1964)
Bunts, R. C.
Veterans Administration Hospital (Richmond, Virginia)
Kantrowitz, Adrian
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Electric Stimulation
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Expanding Technological Possibilities, 1955-1970
Metadata Record Letter from R. C. Bunts to Martin Schamaun and Adrian Kantrowitz (December 4, 1963) pdf (76,665 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Letters (correspondence)
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Folder: Correspondence with R.C. Bunts, M.D., 1963-1964
February 6, 1964
Dear Dr. Kantrowitz:
I am deeply grateful for you allowing Dr. Stenberg to come to your laboratories and observe your work. As he probably told you, he was at the University of Minnesota and saw the work of Bradley et al. and he returned to us firmly convinced that the stimulator that you are using is probably far superior to that of Bradley's. We have taken the liberty to get in touch with the AVCO Company, telling them that we had been in touch with you and that we would like to have a stimulator and assured them that if we found this to be satisfactory we have a great number of patients in which the use of this stimulator might be of benefit.
Again, let me express my deep appreciation for you allowing us to learn something about your fine work. We will most certainly keep you informed as to our results. If you are in Richmond at any time, we would be most happy to have you visit us and possibly we could our neurosurgeons to schedule one or two rhizotomies so that you might see them. (Dr. Stenberg said you might be interested in this.)
Very sincerely,
R.C. Bunts, M.D.
Chief, Urology
Clin. Prof. Urol., MCV
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