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The Adrian Kantrowitz Papers

Letter from Adrian Kantrowitz to R. C. Bunts pdf (76,591 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Adrian Kantrowitz to R. C. Bunts
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1964-03-16 (March 16, 1964)
Kantrowitz, Adrian
Bunts, R. C.
Veterans Administration Hospital (Richmond, Virginia)
Reproduced with permission of Adrian Kantrowitz.
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Expanding Technological Possibilities, 1955-1970
Metadata Record Letter from R. C. Bunts to Adrian Kantrowitz (February 19, 1964) pdf (62,301 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Metadata Record Technique for Implantation of the Avco Bladder Stimulator (March 16, 1964) pdf (118,204 Bytes) ocr (2,857 Bytes)
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Letters (correspondence)
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Folder: Correspondence with R.C. Bunts, M.D., 1963-1964
March 16, 1964
Dear Dr. Bunts:
Thank you for your letter of March 11th. I apologize for the delay in sending you the enclosed copy of the operative technique for implantation of the electric stimulator.
I hope that this will useful to you in preparing your chapter for the revision of Dr. Dodson's urological surgery text.
We are awaiting, as you are, new stimulators from the Avco Company. I have recently spoken with Mr. Jim Kennedy, at Avco-Everett Research Laboratory, and he tells me that they have had some minor difficulties in the manufacture of the recent batch of stimulators. He was hesitant to send any of these out until their problems had been ironed out. I can well understand that in setting up the initial phases of any manufacturing process, that bugs have got to be eliminated, so I am afraid that both you and I will have to be patient with Mr. Kennedy and the Avco Company. But I feel certain that before too long these will be available.
As soon as this becomes a reality I plan to operate on at least one, or perhaps two, more patients. I will then drop you a note in time so that Dr. Stenberg can arrange to come to the hospital and participate in these procedures.
Thank you again for your patience.
Sincerely yours,
Adrian Kantrowitz, M.D.
Director of Surgical Services
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