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The Adrian Kantrowitz Papers

Letter from R. C. Bunts to Adrian Kantrowitz pdf (82,851 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from R. C. Bunts to Adrian Kantrowitz
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1964-09-21 (September 21, 1964)
Bunts, R. C.
Veterans Administration Hospital (Richmond, Virginia)
Kantrowitz, Adrian
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Electric Stimulation
Urinary Bladder
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Expanding Technological Possibilities, 1955-1970
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Letters (correspondence)
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Folder: Correspondence with R.C. Bunts, M.D., 1963-1964
September 21, 1964
Dear Dr. Kantrowitz:
Would it be possible for you to send your motion picture to me for a short review before our meeting in Williamsburg? Several paraplegic physicians will be in Richmond in about three weeks from now and I would also like to show them your movie. I have a copy of the movie prepared by Dr. Bradley which I will show them also.
We have not been too successful in our three implantation of the electrodes. Although one patient is receiving definite stimulation to the bladder, it does not seem to be enough to initiate a complete voiding contraction. In another we must have placed the electrodes too close to the bladder neck as on sphinctometric examinations and direct observation of the bladder neck and external sphincter we noted marked contraction upon stimulation. About five days ago, we removed the electrodes from this area and placed them higher and laterally on the bladder. We have not restimulated him since the operative procedure. In our third patient we note only a very slight elevation of the curve on stimulation. We are still working with these patients and with bladder training, etc., and will keep you informed.
I have your letter regarding Charles G. Brooks whom we will be glad to correspond with upon receipt of a letter from him.
I hope that you received a brochure regarding our meeting from our secretary of the Mid-Atlantic Section. If you have not as yet received it, I am sure you will receive it in a few days as I informed him the latter part of last week to send it to you.
I am looking forward to receiving your motion picture.
Very sincerely,
R.C. Bunts, M.D.
Chief, Urology
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