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The Henry Swan Papers

Letter from Henry Swan to his first wife, Mary Fletcher pdf (780,807 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Henry Swan to his first wife, Mary Fletcher
The "Arnie" referred to was Dr. Arnold Segal, head of Swan's surgical team.
Intending to have them published, Swan's wife had his letters transcribed as he sent them.
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1944-06-15 (June 15, 1944)
[Swan, Henry]
[Swan, Mary Fletcher]
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World War II
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Medical Training, Wartime Surgical Experiences, and Early Career, 1935-1949
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1944-1996
Folder: World War II. Letters at home, by Henry Swan II, 1944-1945
June 15, 1944
Today things have lightened up a bit for us, as we have caught up on the operative cases, and now merely have to stay even with admissions. We are proud of the job we did those first 7 days - no other hospital or unit turned out as many cases; moreover, our results have been amazingly good, all things considered. Arnie and I have yet to lose a patient, and some of them looked like every breath was going to be their last at the time of operation. Many were very grievously wounded, and their injuries were two or more days old. The fact that we had blood to give as well as plasma has made the difference between life and death in some of these boys. The organization of that blood bank is somebody's great contribution.
The calm and stoical courage of many of these lads is inspiring. Having had a taste myself of things 1/10 as bad as they went through gives me a viewpoint from which to appreciate it. My hat is off to these American guys!
Today it rained and drizzled in the morning, was spotty in the afternoon. The buzz-boys are out playing around, though, and it's a comfort to have them there. I wish they could cover us at night like they do in the daytime.
Managed to get 8 hours sleep in the last 24, so now feel all tired and let down. One more light day, tho', and I'll be back in the pink. Eat a steak and drink some milk for me.
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