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The Henry Swan Papers

Letter from Henry Swan to his first wife, Mary Fletcher pdf (806,232 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Henry Swan to his first wife, Mary Fletcher
Intending to have them published, Swan's wife had his letters transcribed as he sent them.
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1944-12-21 (December 21, 1944)
[Swan, Henry]
[Swan, Mary Fletcher]
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World War II
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Medical Training, Wartime Surgical Experiences, and Early Career, 1935-1949
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1944-1996
Folder: World War II. Letters at home, by Henry Swan II, 1944-1945
Dec. 21, 1944
Things are afoot which are critical. The German breakthrough will have far reaching effects on the duration of the war. Let us hope it is they who have bitten off more than they can digest. I wonder if the people there realize how vital are the stakes? No doubt, by the time you get this, you will be able to judge whether you can expect many more.
Meanwhile, the situation in Greece seems to be far from solution as ever. Stated in its boldest terms, it would appear as if the English are cramming an unwanted reactionary government down their throats in order that they (the English) can maintain their "influence" in Greece, and protect their Mediterranean stranglehold. They have gone so far now, that they can't withdraw without great loss of face. Atlantic Charter? Freedoms? Already the disillusionment begins!
I think it doubtful if any of your presents arrive by Christmas time. It can't be helped. If all goes well with the tactical situation, perhaps next month. (Just one more minor facet in the series of disappointments that have built up since I got "kicked upstairs.") Meanwhile today, the gals brought in a tree, and we decorated it with some ornaments we found here & there. German tree ornaments, look exactly like ours, which, as I think it over, isn't so strange, as most of ours come either from Germany or Japan anyway. It's a very passable tree. Ernie has done a number of pictures, and Mrs. Pierson, one of the nurses, has made a number of poems to go on little presents. Nick will be Santa Claus. If we're still here, we'll go through the mumbo-jumbo of a "Merry Christmas". I expect I shall avoid as much of it as possible. What is the sense of rubbing salt in the wounds?
Well, Ernie is showering me with spray as he gaily bathes in his helmet with utter disregard for all bystanders. Guess I'd better wind up this document.
Lots of it, sugar
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