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The Henry Swan Papers

Letter from Henry Swan to his first wife, Mary Fletcher pdf (785,916 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Henry Swan to his first wife, Mary Fletcher
Intending to have them published, Swan's wife had his letters transcribed as he sent them.
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1944-12-28 (December 28, 1944)
[Swan, Henry]
[Swan, Mary Fletcher]
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World War II
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Medical Training, Wartime Surgical Experiences, and Early Career, 1935-1949
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1944-1996
Folder: World War II. Letters at home, by Henry Swan II, 1944-1945
Dec. 28, 1944
I am enclosing the letters in the Atlantic of which I wrote. Now I think this really is a letter, and rather makes mine look like a well-worn buffalo nickel. I should guess that Lt. Meyer's reactions are rather typical of all American's who have been in real action. It is a shame that some method can't be worked out whereby every one of us, 18 to 50, should be in combat. Senators, bankers, labor leaders, farmers, "skilled" workers, city politicians, federal employees, - all the "vital" and "important" men who are now sweating out the discomforts of war on the home-front should be allowed to give a couple of years of their time (at Army pay) and a proportionate amount of sweat and tears. Then, the lessons of war would be shared by all; as would the costs and the sacrifices. Then, would we be a country strong in unity, to understand and pursue a course of world leadership.
Although the news in the Pacific continues good, the task yet remaining there is terrific. Don't under-estimate the Jap strength. If 45 million Germans can tie up The U.S., Great Britain, & Russia for so long, how think you we will fare with 70 million fanatical Japs? It is a universal feeling among men who return from the Pacific that the road is a long hard one, yet people at home still seem to feel that, with Germany licked, it's an easy coast to victory. I find it hard to see the evidence of an understanding of this task in the reports reaching us of crowded vacation resorts, luxury buying, supply shortages, worker shortages in vital industries, strikes, etc. Perhaps, the present German offensive will have a sobering effect. Let us hope so. After seeing the power of countries totally mobilized for war, I tremble a little at the sight of us still without total conscription of manpower, wealth, or national will. We're not high enough to just dabble in this thing, and nonchalantly kick it around. The fighting man has no illusions and is doing a bang-up job. What do you think of the home front?
Lots of love, sweetheart, at least my own home front is strong. This makes my job easier. The long term values seem to be the ones to put your money on these days: - and I've got a super "passel" of those to look forward to.
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