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The Henry Swan Papers

Letter from Henry Swan to his first wife, Mary Fletcher pdf (1,328,665 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Henry Swan to his first wife, Mary Fletcher
Intending to have them published, Swan's wife had his letters transcribed as he sent them.
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1945-03-31 (March 31, 1945)
[Swan, Henry]
[Swan, Mary Fletcher]
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World War II
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Medical Training, Wartime Surgical Experiences, and Early Career, 1935-1949
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1944-1996
Folder: World War II. Letters at home, by Henry Swan II, 1944-1945
Mar. 31, 1945
Well the immediate rush for us is now over. It was a tremendously interesting and crowded four days. Things went well in the O.R. and we have had some gratifying successes. The average case was even more complicated than usual due to excellent selective screening on the part of the clearing company feeding us. Col. Gay was with us for a visit last night, and I think was quite pleased, as indeed, he should be. He brought me an additional anaesthetist, which bolsters the immediate strength of my team. The new man is young, smart, and with an excellent attitude. This change together with my two excellent enlisted men and competent nurse will strengthen our team to a point where we need to make apologies to no one in the group. So at the moment you find me in that rare state of being professionally satisfied. But don't worry that this will make me complacent or careless. I will continue to bite and scold and heckle, as well as cajole and praise, that we may constantly improve.
This set-up was in tents again and we had an excellent and fluid arrangement that allowed us to expand. For your own interest, and to record for my own files this set-up, I am drawing it here.
We are in the final stages of this war, and the attack advances on all parts of the front. We are facing here their most determined resistance. When this cracks, as it must, we will pour across the northern plains to Hamburg & Bremen & Berlin. Why they continue the hopeless struggle is hard to see. The Nazi bullies will sacrifice every German life for one more day of grace. But thus they lose every hope of bargaining power or negotiation. Their collapse will be complete. It is hard to lose your close friends and comrades-in-arms. It brings home again how much we have to be thankful for that we are one in spirit and are surviving intact in body.
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