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The Henry Swan Papers

Letter from Harold E. Haymond to Henry Swan pdf (857,860 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Harold E. Haymond to Henry Swan
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1955-02-22 (February 22, 1955)
Haymond, Harold E.
Colorado State Medical Society
Swan, Henry
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The Cold Heart: Hypothermia and Cardiac Surgery, 1949-1962
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Personal and Biographical, 1936-1995
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February 22, 1955
[Handwritten note: Big Deal! Interesting reading re opinion of intelligent laymen on doctors!]
Dear Dr. Swan,
The Board of Supervisors has completed its investigation of the "recent personal publicity of Henry Swan, II, M.D." and wishes to convey to you their findings. The information relayed to you is a portion of a letter written to another member of this state society, and I quote that portion of the letter specifically covering this Board's decision in this matter:
"It was the feeling of the Board after carefully listening to and evaluating the problem that the personal publicity referred to was not sought by Dr. Swan in any way. It was further ascertained that the publicity concerned had been cleared through the Publicity Committee of the Colorado State Medical Society. The Board recommended to those concerned that, to avoid misunderstandings, in the future any physician should clear any proposed publication personally with the Publicity Committee, rather than to depend upon verbal approval through a third party.
The Board felt that while opinions as to the good taste and propriety of the articles under discussions would vary tremendously among different segments of the population, there has been no breach of medical ethics involved.
The Board therefore recommends that Dr. Swan, specifically, and other members of the Colorado State Medical Society in general, be made aware of these findings."
Very truly yours,
Harold E. Haymond, M.D.
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