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The John E. Fogarty Papers

[Notes on U.S. Navy experience] pdf (771,868 Bytes) transcript of pdf
[Notes on U.S. Navy experience]
These handwritten notes continued Fogarty's account of his Navy service, December 28, 1944 to January 19, 1945.
Item is handwritten.
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28 December 1944-19 January 1945
[Fogarty, John E.]
Original Repository: Phillips Memorial Library, Special and Archival Collections at Providence College
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Reproduced with permission of Phillips Memorial Library, Special and Archival Collections at Providence College.
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Early Career in Congress, 1941-1949
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Arrived at 48th Thu PM 1:20 Dec 28th 1944. Reported in at Personnel office sent to Chief of Co "C" Platoon 3 and assigned to tent 3 G with Dean Naylor Crow Agency Montana, Howard Reed Roswell New Mexico, Barren Price Whitefish Montana, Kermit Epps Humboldt Nebraska, all good fellows.
Was told to report to Lt. Moore in morning, met the follows in the tent and had to have help to put up cot.
No mattress no pillow borrowed blanket from Reed.
Dec 29 -- Up at 5:30 AM ate chow off for work at 6:45, met Lt. Moore, turned over to Warrant Officer Powers who ever one contacted had a good word for. Was given job as a cement finisher. First pulling screed and floating the concrete then some hand troweling finishing that nite[sic] very tired and sore. Back to camp at 4:30 Waited in line for chow 5:30-6:30 To bed at 9 pm
Dec 30 Same routine but stuff and sore in AM
Dec 31 Sunday Very stiff and sore same routine but quit at 12:30 had chow 2 beers 3-4 and then more at 5 pm went to shower and then to bed on New Years Eve. Also waited in line to get cigarettes.
Jan 1 New Years Day same routine as any other day in year.
Jan 4 Trip with Don Gleed to Jap Caves.
Jan 6 Same.
an 9 Same but feeling OK physically now.
Jan 5 Called in and met Comm. Davis asked if everything was okay said yes.
Jan 5 Finished with cement finishing and 48th at 8:30. Had first air raid alert grabbed steel helmet and ran for sandbag covered fox hole very realistic glad there was a fox hole to get in all clear signal at 9:40 bed at 9:15 PM
Jan 10 Got up and packed to go back to Fifth Supply. Arrived in after noon kind of sorry to leave 48th was given good welcome back and assigned to Team #4 with 4 others.
Jan 11 Met Capt. Hiltenbidle and told him of experiences with 48th and afternoon went to see Gen. Larsen with Capt. and found him very pleasing and cooperative. Very interested in plan for rehabilitation of natives with modern city. Friends should be made available. Natives very loyal.
Jan 12 Made a tour of the island with Lt. Hamilton. Operation life very interesting saw about everything.
Jan 13 Got jeep myself and went to the 4th Battalion to get my first pay. $99.00 including what was left of clothing allowance met fellow from Silver Lake. That nite[sic] went to 59th met Bell Caine and some of his friends very surprised to see me.
Jan 14 Went to 7:45 Mass and met Fr. Folliard of Brooklyn at 25th CBs. Went around island. At 2 o'clock went to 59th and picked up Bill Caine and Crosby and McAndrews and went to Navy supply depot to get some beer and they brought case of it back to camp and had sandwiches and beer and spent very pleasant evening.
Jan 15 Got photographer and went around island getting pictures. Very interesting. Met Capt. Mc Varish Public Relation man at island command and Prov. College Mac and I were ball playing and went with him to command and met his war correspondents. Spent very pleasant evening. Correspondents brought us the trip from Pearl Harbor here. Food not fit for a pig hardly any at that. Also they have heard the Liberating Army Forces that liberated the Philippines were given a Liberation Medal. Why were not the forces that liberated Guam given a medal the first American possession to be liberated by US forces and natives very loyal.
Jan 16 Picked up Fr. Gearty and then met Fr. Cavallo the only native priest on the island. Very young, understanding, capable, energetic, pious. Feels that American Natives priests should be here and relations between Church and Navy not satisfactory.
Had awful time getting undamaged lumber to build church in Agana. Was refused by command to let Catholics use schools for church services and the teaching of Catechism. Told of helping Tweed harbored him 3 days and 4 nites[sic] at his house until he had to move further back in the hills. For this move the Father provided the transportation, food and guide and found for him friends at the next place Tweed was very sick bronchitis and he went to drugstore and purchased medicine for him and was questioned by Prop and told again it was for one of his flock. Also brought him some religious books and he said they were for women to read, fairy tales so he paid nothing and got his new novels. When Tweed returned to Guam he passed the Padre's ranch and the Padre standing in front of ranch but Tweed's caravan only stopped for minute and with not even saying hello drove on what gratitude. Also told of other Padre who was fearless in face of Japs. Told of Jap priests touring island and telling natives their USA could not retake island that the fleet was depoted at the Russell islands. It's a decadent stop and asked them to respect the Jap govt and be friendly with them. That the Asiatic people were to be great and that they would be treated ok by Japs.
Jan 16th Padre was in Inarahan and immediate wrote letter to Jap priests telling them that he was the law here and that they had no right to be saying what they were. The only thing they could do was preach the way of God and nothing else in time of war and was put on the blacklist and finally was convicted of helping the enemy and executed. The USA should always remember that the island is 98 percent Catholic and act accordingly. It seems to me with that percentage the least they could do is to appoint a Catholic in charge of the Chaplains on Guam but that is not so. Today the Island Command the Comm For the CincPac chaplains are Protestant.
At 1PM went back to the old gang in the tent I stayed with agent of state site liquor and never saw any one so pleased as that gang at the sight of the liquor and the taste of it.
They first smelled it then each took a small drink and wished their throat was a mile long and every inch a curve. Finally told them who I was and why I was there every one very pleased that I came the way I did. Many stories the past few days about who I was, FBI man, Congressional investigator, Senatorial Invest. Congress. and Senator from Mass and so forth.
Jan 17 Toured island all day. Went to 49th in evening met Eddie Deaton Deacon of S. Pac and agreed to go back Mon. nite[sic] the 22 to get names and addresses of other Rhode Islanders.
Jan 18 Left for Tinian and Saipan.
Saipan Jan 19th 1945 Friday
Suggestions at 39th Bu Saipan. That men be given 30 day leave on completion of their duty at Pearl Harbor before going to forward area. When going home in groups further recommended.
All other conditions here the same as in other Battalions Comm and Exec real Constr men
33 percent figures of Chaplain of homes broken up because plans for being away so long not contemplated this outfit out 24 months
6 Feb 1945 Commander should be made to give men every chance possible and explain conditions and sympathize with them. If they knew when to expect to go home that would help. Recommend Chiefs in forward area for Warrant officer in make up of new battalions.
It was not until Adm. Cotter proved that shipping was available that CBs in South Pacific were sent home. Men willing to go back any way at all.
Thurs Jan 18th
left Guam by air at 10:05AM landing in Tinian at 11:00am. Reported to the 6th brigade CB's and met Capt. Halloran formerly of Newport and stayed with him about an hour. He painted sort of a rosy picture about the moral of the boys here and gave them the credit due in their work and spoke of the fine friendship between the crews of the B 29s and the CBs. Many planes have Battalion insignia on them. Every battalion has planes of own. He also spoke of 18th Batt who have been out 26 mos. And how high their morale is since they have gotten out of assault troops of Marines and doing Const. work and told of them ready to go home in groups of 200 when Comm. Of group asked that the whole Batt. Stay until relieved and thought that this met approval of men. But later talked with an officer of 18th and he had opposite view. Also heard from other chiefs and enlisted men the men of 18th very mad about not going home in groups. Morale of men very low.
Toured island with Lt Urloss who married Sullivan girl at Newport. 85 B 29s North Field Largest in World 4 strips 6,000 ft. 2 other airfields sugar cane principle industry. Many Japs still here Natives poor Jap live under very poor conditions. Natives labor only works 1 hr and 10 min. rest period. 14 CB Battalion -- Order June 1943 by Nimitz Emergency leave outside U.S. limits only in extreme emergency that men go and only when no other member of family at home to take care of things. This should be clarified and worthy causes be given consideration. Red Cross should give more information.
Men of over 42 very concerned about getting out.
Men out here too long.
Friday June 19, 1945 Saipan
At Tinian and up at 5:30 to chow and then listened to some of the boys and went to MAB to see the Fr Glynon of Bridgeport and Hartford. Then left on 11:15 plane to Saipan. Didn't see Halloran before leaving he was in office. Landing at 11:30 and reporting to Comm Shrepfernen of the 39th battalion. Was driven around island viewing works of Sea bees and looked up Sgt. McElroy a war correspondent and former journal man with the 612 VMD B25 Marines and rec'd very good welcome. Arrived back at Ba had 2 beers with the Comm. and then had supper with him and his Exec. The first time I had any doings as far as a drink and eats with officers since I was inducted. Went to show Going My Way and then went to bed in officers tent 10:30.
#1 Men out here entirely too long
#2 Every one dissatisfied with all officers particularly Com Davis and Lt. Moore power ok R and R Comm. Powers ok by all men contacted.
Recruiting system should be changed, men painted beautiful pictures, promised leaves and overseas 6 months or year promised return at end of boot training etc. This outfit have had 5 days leave (Boot) since Nov 11 1942 no liberty or leave in Hawaii. Ships store and service terrible nothing much in either. No Camels Luckys [. . .] of other outfits Navy and Army plenty of everything. Red Cross system of investigation too long maybe these requests should be given priorities in the mail. None now 5 weeks one request not in yet. Men very homesick but excellent workers. Men average 36 years many good mechanics. Hardly any men given recreation no leaves in this camp. What has become of Welfare Fund no recreation here but a boxing bag and baseball and two ping pong tables and library.
Chaplain not given jeep to ride around in had to fight to get chapel built before officers club. Movies old and break down because of too much use. This outfit on its way from Hawaii to Guam spent 53 days aboard an army transport. The chow was terrible. War told on good anything Army and Navy fighting, Army said they weren't carrying any Army men and Navy said it wasn't their ship. Consequently the men took it on the chin not enough to eat to exercise lost weight and in poor condition when they arrived. (Side text: some manned by merchant seamen who ate very good because of [ . . . ] rules. They ate like a Capt.)
Worked 12 hours a day on arrived lived in pup tents for 1 month got up in the dark and quit in the dark and had to cook their own sea rations. Built roads buried Japs that stunk and unloaded ships.
Was told of one case where father in law died mother died and finally wife in hospital having child and finally after 5 months she died. Man could not get leave from Capt. Murphy Exec at Hawaii he immediately issued orders to release man on 30 days leave.
Island 25 miles long, ten miles wide. Out of 23,000 natives there are 22,800 Catholics and now only one Catholic priest who is a native. Father Calvo and young to take care of them. He is not given the cooperation that should be given him. There is one Baptist minister here with a flock of 200 to take care of and he has been made a history teacher in the schools. The Japanese brought 2 civilian priests here when they invaded the islands that shows they were smart as an island that is predominately Catholic. There were 2 native priests here and 12 American priests the latter are prisoners of war and one native killed. If no priests are allowed here they will go backward. The Chaplains are forbidden to administer to the native population. They are allowed to attend mass and that's all.
Recently there was a circular letter sent out by the military chaplains in states asking for 500 protestants to join the
regular navy citing the various advantage thus Navy gives. No mention of Catholics or Episcopalians to join. Looks like a freeze. They said Catholics were better disciplined and fell into line more readily. It will be difficult to pin down anything on the letter but many believe it is the old brush off to the Catholics. Religion and chaplains in the Navy are not accepted but just are tolerated. For the first 3 months men are required to work seven days a week and no time off. For religious service, may be instead of starting to work at 7 AM on Sundays, they would be allowed to start at 8 AM, thus giving one hour for services prior to their work on Sunday. Men specifically the Stevedoring Outfits given no time for Mass.
There should be 2 sets of officers in CBs one of engineer and one of practical man, college education should be discarded.
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