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The John E. Fogarty Papers

Letter from John T. Barrett to John E. Fogarty pdf (141,781 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from John T. Barrett to John E. Fogarty
Barrett, a Rhode Island physician, wrote to ask why doctors in private practice found it almost impossible to get the Salk polio vaccine for their patients, even though public health clinics seemed to have plenty. This correspondence shows some of the difficulties involved in producing and distributing polio vaccine nationwide during the first few years it was available.
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1957-05-28 (May 28, 1957)
Barrett, John T.
Fogarty, John E.
Original Repository: Phillips Memorial Library, Special and Archival Collections at Providence College
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Reproduced with permission of the Rhode Island Medical Society.
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Redefining the Federal Role in Public Health, Medical Research, and Education, 1949-1960
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28 May 1957
Dear Congressman Fogarty,
I hesitate to bother you about this problem, but John E. Farrell felt that you might be able to help me. I have been concerned about the Salk vaccine situation in Rhode Island for some time and even more upset in recent weeks when there apparently is ample vaccine available for the state and local clinic use but hardly a bit for the practicing physician. We are weekly informed in the Journal-Bulletin that there will be free clinics on such a day but the doctor has had to turn his patients away because of the shortages in commercial channels. As you can imagine, I have had all sorts of questions from my colleagues but have had no adequate answer. Ed McLaughlin and George Kenny at the State House haven't been able to help. A letter was sent Surgeon-General Burney on 21 May requesting his aid but as yet we have no reply. The wholesale houses in Providence evidently are not in the "know" and those of us who are meeting patients are in a quandry [sic].
Would it be possible for your office to ascertain who is determining the ratio of clinic to private M.D. distribution? Does USPHS direct the policy regarding this ratio or is it the manufactures of the Salk vaccine? Is there any promise that there is any relief in sight for Rhode Island physicians and their patients.
At the moment there appears to be no coordinated plan of distribution in this state despite the fact that we have two committees which are interested in the problem. The difficulty is that these committees have little power but to advise. A definitive statement from Surgeon-General Burney regarding his policy would be of great help to us to explain the policy to the public.
Many thanks for your help.
Sincerely yours,
[handwritten signature]
John T. Barrett, M.D.
Chairman, Polio Advisory Committee of Rhode Island
Chairman, Polio Committee of the R. I. Medical Society
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