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The John E. Fogarty Papers

Letter from John E. Fogarty to President Lyndon B. Johnson pdf (268,994 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from John E. Fogarty to President Lyndon B. Johnson
Fogarty urged President Johnson to provide federal protection for the Freedom Riders as they worked for voting rights in Mississippi that summer.
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1964-06-24 (June 24, 1964)
Fogarty, John E.
[Johnson, Lyndon B.]
Original Repository: Phillips Memorial Library, Special and Archival Collections at Providence College
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"Mr. Public Health": Later Career, 1960-1967
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Letters (correspondence)
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June 24, 1964
Dear Mr. President,
I am writing to urge that every power of your Office of President of the United States be exercised to guarantee the safety and welfare of the many fine young American boys and girls whose very lives are threatened by the present and situation in the State of Mississippi.
These young people, Mr. President, are American citizens. It must be the determination of the United States that their right to travel in Mississippi and to lawfully pursue their efforts to help other American citizens obtain the right to vote shall be safeguarded by the Federal Government. This is no longer a racial matter. It is a matter of law and order.
It is a challenge to the authority of the United States government to enforce its laws and to protect its citizens wherever they may go on legitimate business. This challenge must be met. There is no alternative but to assert the power of the United States with all its authority, to enforce the laws, and to see that every citizen wherever he may be is fully protected. Once more, Mr. President, I urge with all the power at my command, that you take immediate and decisive action to correct the unconscionable situation existing in Mississippi.
With kindest regards,
John E. Fogarty
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