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The Marshall W. Nirenberg Papers

Letter from Marshall W. Nirenberg to Wendell M. Stanley pdf (63,071 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Marshall W. Nirenberg to Wendell M. Stanley
Nirenberg respectfully declines the offer for a position at Berkeley and decides to remain at NIH due to his primary interest in research and concerns with devoting part of his time to teaching. Additionally, more space, help, and a promotion from NIH lead him to make this decision.
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1962-03-06 (March 6, 1962)
Nirenberg, Marshall W.
Stanley, Wendell M.
Reproduced with permission of Marshall W. Nirenberg.
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National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
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Synthetic RNA and the Poly-U Experiments, 1959-1962
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Series II: Correspondence, 1953-1993
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March 6, 1962
Dear Dr. Stanley:
I enjoyed meeting your son last week. We had a long talk about messenger and ribosomal RNA and so forth. I was sorry to learn that you had broken your hip and I certainly hope that it is mending properly and not giving too much trouble. I also decided not to go to Phoenix because of the pressure of work.
I must apologize for having taken these last few months to come to a decision. Needless to say I have very seriously considered the position at Berkley from many angles. It was difficult to make a decision because the various possibilities were almost equally good. However, I believe it would be best for me to remain at NIH. The major reason for this choice is that I am primarily interested in research and felt hesitant about devoting part of my time to teaching. I wanted to leave NIH because adequate space and technical help were not available to me. However, I. learned today that some more space, help and a promotion will be available to me at NIH and these factors were the deciding ones. The position here in many respects is equivalent to the one in your department.
I very much appreciate your interest and willingness to take me into your department. I am glad, at least, that I had the opportunity of meeting you and I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Respectfully yours,
Marshall W. Nirenberg
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