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The Marshall W. Nirenberg Papers

[Dictation of plans for a potential neurobiology conference] pdf (151,204 Bytes) transcript of pdf
[Dictation of plans for a potential neurobiology conference]
Marshall Nirenberg relayed his daily requests to his laboratory with the use of audio recordings called "belts". These recordings would then be transcribed into notes for the various members of the laboratory. In this belt, Nirenberg plans a conference at NIH on neurobiology to include many of the scientists that migrated from molecular biology, including Seymour Benzer, Sydney Brenner, Gunther Stent, Max Delbruck, and Julius Adler.
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1969-10-16 (October 16, 1969)
Nirenberg, Marshall W.
Reproduced with permission of Marshall W. Nirenberg.
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Transition to Neurobiology, 1965-1969
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Series: Series III: Laboratory Administration, [1959]-1993
SubSeries: Daily Books, 1968-1996
Folder: Helmi III, 1969-1971
[Handwritten: Neurobiology Conference - Fogerty In[ . . . ]]
10/16/69 Benzer's suggestions - Limit conference to following or less:
1. Benzer
2. Brenner
3. Barondes
4. Sidman
5. Stent
6. Changeux
7. Delbruck
8. Adler
9. Kuffler
10. Kandel
11. Nirenberg
Belt #1
1. Ask Wanda to Xerox and also give him original of a paper by Weidman and Kuwabara in Investigative Ophthalmology - a recent issue. Very dark Xerox copies otherwise the photos do not come out at all.
2. How does Wanda get instructions? Make three copies of transcription.
3. Norma to take out of library a book by Burn, K. H., entitled The Autonomic Nervous System, published by F. A. Davis Co., Philadelphia, 1963. Would like to order a copy for the lab and one for the library.
4. Order two copies of a book by Deutsch, F. entitled Models of the Nervous System by Wylie, 1967. $9.95.
5. Order two copies of a book by Morgan, C., entitled Physiological Psychology, 3rd Edition, McGraw-Hill & Co., 1965.
6. Order two copies of a book, also check out of library, by Friede, R. entitled Topographic Brain Chemistry, Academic Press, 1966.
7. Check out of library a book by Causey, G. entitled The Cell of Schwann, E. & F. Livingston, London, 1960. Xerox chapter on tissue culture and also give the book to MN.
8. Wanda to Xerox a paper by Kornguth et al. in Experimental Cell Research, Vol. 45, page 656, 1967; also one by Mahaley, Cancer Research, Vol. 26, page 195, 1966.
9. Norma to get a paper in Cancer Research, Norman Anderson is one author, not senior author, but Mahaley will also be on the paper. Don't know title but it will be about an electron microscope study of particles that have been isolated from brain tissue by zonal centrifugation. Also a Xerox of a paper by Aldrich and Johnson in Biochem. J., Vol. 73, page 270, 1969, and one by Holmstedt and Toschi, in Acta Physiologica Scandinavia, Vol. 47, page 208, 1969.
10. Xeroxes of following papers: Weber, in Bulletin Schweiz. Acad. Med. Wiff. Vol. 8, 263, 1952.
Content of Cerebral Tumors
Bulbring et al. in Lancet, i, 865, 1953.
Content of Cerebral Tumors
Belt #2
12. Check to see if I ordered the following book: McIlwain, Henry, entitled Biochemistry and the Central Nervous System, 3rd Ed., if 4th Ed. available want that, Little, Brown and Co., Boston, 1966. One for lab and one for MN.
13. Also order a book by A. V. Palladin, translated by Freisinger, Gilman and Woodman entitled Problems of the Biochemistry of the Nervous System, published by Pergamon Press, New York.
14. Xerox a dark copy of a paper by Koelle in the J. of Comparative Neurology, Vol. 100, page 211, 1954.
15. Also one by Szilard in Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. Vol. 51, page 1092, 1964.
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