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The Marshall W. Nirenberg Papers

Letter from Peter Sonderegger to Marshall W. Nirenberg pdf (62,504 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Peter Sonderegger to Marshall W. Nirenberg
Sonderegger, from the Institute of Biochemistry at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, thanks Nirenberg for cell lines and provides him with an updated summary of his results from antibody staining techniques.
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1984-12-18 (December 18, 1984)
Sonderegger, Peter
Nirenberg, Marshall W.
Reproduced with permission of Peter Sonderegger.
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From Neuroblastoma to Homeobox Genes, 1976-1992
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Series III: Laboratory Administration, [1959]-1993
SubSeries: Daily Books, 1968-1996
Folder: #270 - #296, 1984 Nov -1985 Jun
Zurich, December 18, 1984
Dear Marshall,
I just got your A2B5-conditioned medium and thank you very much. Phil asked me in a recent letter about the antibody staining results I obtained with your antibodies. I have done only one experiment. A copy of my records is included. After this, Marie Neale did a few more experiments, the records of which should be in her hands. As a summary of the positive results I obtained:
14H3: Stained cell body on large DRG. Many DRG neurons negativ. Questionable? Staining of subclass?
16G6: DRG cell bodies and fine processes. Processes intenser than cell bodies.
18B8: DRG cell somas and axons. Stains subpopulation.
Spinal Cord cell bodies and axons. Intense dots on axons: boutons?
97C4: Stains extracellular matrix of DRG culture.
A2-B5: DRG cell bodies and axons. Non-neuronal cells.
94C2: Staining of certain flat background cells.
These are all the data I have. If I can be of any further help, please let me know.
Thanks again.
Best wishes,
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