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The Marshall W. Nirenberg Papers

Letter from Yongsok Kim to Marshall W. Nirenberg pdf (74,338 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Yongsok Kim to Marshall W. Nirenberg
Kim thanks Nirenberg for arranging a postdoctoral fellowship for him at NIH. He notes that he considers Nirenberg's work on the genetic code as one of the three milestones (along with Mendelism and DNA structure) in the history of the life sciences. Kim would subsequently be the key figure in the discovery of the four new homeobox genes.
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1986-12-16 (December 16, 1986)
Kim, Yongsok
Seoul National University
Nirenberg, Marshall W.
Reproduced with permission of Yongsok Kim.
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From Neuroblastoma to Homeobox Genes, 1976-1992
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Series III: Laboratory Administration, [1959]-1993
SubSeries: Daily Books, 1968-1996
Folder: #328 - #360, 1986 May-1987 Aug
December 16, 1986.
Dear Dr. Nirenberg
Thank you very much for the arrangement of NIH postdoctoral fellowship, which I heard from my major professor, Dr. Rho, whom you sent the letter with the lucky news for me. Professor Rho told me that he was going to write a Thank-you letter and I am accepting arrangement with a great honor. This is why I write the accepting letter late. Of course, I accept your fellowship arrangement with a great happiness. In the meantime, I almost filled up the Application for Federal Employment (form 171) and I will send you with my C.V./ reprints within a short period of time.
After I heard from my professor that you were visiting Korea, I was getting excited and impatiently waited to see you, because I admired, since I was an undergraduate student, your works on genetic code, which I think, is one of the three milestones (Mendelism, DNA structure, genetic code) in the history of life sciences. I attended your seminar twice. I was deeply impressed with your studies on neurobiology. I had a feeling in a broad sense that you are trying to relate your genetic code work and memory phenomena, which is, I think, a tangible approach.
I have no words with which to thank you for your giving me the opportunity that I can study in your laboratory. I am anxious to join your laboratory to take part in your research plan. However, I have to finish up my dissertation writing in August, 1987. So I will be at your laboratory on early September of 1987. My research experiences are on the area of restriction enzymes, DNA sequencing, gene cloning and expressions. I promise you that I will do my best in your laboratory.
With all my best regards I remain,
Yours Faithfully,
Yong Sok Kim
Department of Zoology
Seoul National University
Seoul 151, Korea
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