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The Marshall W. Nirenberg Papers

Letter from Marvis Matthews to Marshall W. Nirenberg pdf (193,665 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Marvis Matthews to Marshall W. Nirenberg
Matthews praises Nirenberg for the altruistic nature of his research and requests his opinion on three distinct methods of treatment for cancer: Glenn Kittler's laetrile control, Herbert Bailey's Krebiozen treatment, and Max Gerson's dietary methods. Mention is made of John Beard's book on enzyme treatment for cancer and the work of Ernst Krebs, Sr. and Jr. on developing a urine test for the detection of cancer. Matthews asks for Nirenberg's advice on avenues that she might pursue toward getting a fair trial for these therapies.
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1966-05-22 (May 22, 1966)
Matthews, Marvis
Nirenberg, Marshall W.
Courtesy of Marshall W. Nirenberg.
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Beyond the Laboratory: Professional, Personal, and Political Life, 1967-2002
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May 22, 1966
Dear Dr. Nirenberg,
Today I read the article in All Florida Magazine about your research into the fundamental "Building Blocks" of life. It is gratifying to know that some people are still engaged in research to better mankind, rather than to obliterate us.
A related subject is of vital interest to me. In 1964 I was treated for inoperable breast cancer by means of surgery and X-Ray therapy. By God's grace, this was successful, and I believe that there will be no recurrence. Many are not so blessed.
Because I wish to help, I have been reading as much as possible on the subject. Among other books, I have read Glenn Kittler's "Laetrile Control for Cancer", Bailey's book, "K", about Krebiozen, and Haught's book about Dr. Max Gerson's dietary methods and cures of cancer, lupus, etc.
Unless these authors are making many false statements, all three of these methods have been proved effective, non-toxic and have been used for several years with good success! I am amazed and puzzled to know that they are not generally used and available in our country and would like to see this accomplished immediately.
In Mr. Kittler's book, mention is made of Dr. John Beard's work and his book, "The Enzyme Treatment of Cancer". I would very much like to read this, and wonder if you could tell me where to get a copy.
You must be familiar with the work of Drs. Ernst Krebs, Sr. and Jr., and how Dr. Krebs, Sr. decided that Dr. Beard must be wrong, it was so simple. However, after long and thorough research on the subject of enzymes and their effect on cancer, Dr. Krebs, Sr. decided that Dr. Beard was RIGHT! Then he and his son, Dr. Ernst Krebs, Jr. spent most of their lives experimenting and studying, and finally developed Laetrile, and a urine teat for the detection of cancer. Also a non-mysterious and non-terrifying definition and explanation of this disease which has baffled, tortured and killed man for countless generations.
If you are not familiar with this work, which also goes into the "building block" dept., which explains about the trophoblast cell, without which no birth could occur, and which, I believe, conclusively proves that the trophoblast cell and the cancer cell are one and the same thing, please read Mr. Kittler's little 60 cent paperback book which you will find at Natural Health Food Stores.
An indication that Drs. Krebs and Dr. Beard are on the right track came to me in my own case. My own doctor told me that he must remove my unaffected ovaries because the hormone that they produce (estrogen) would completely defeat the work of the X-Ray. Dr. Krebs also found that trophoblasts are formed by cell division when contacted by estrogen! I have seen cancer cells referred to in an unrelated book as "blasts". A doctor here in town told me that they use drugs on only one kind of cancer, the chorionepithelioma. (He didn't know that I had just swallowed Mr. Kittler's book and had a little idea of what he was talking about.) If they use drugs on that kind, why not on other types? Which drug?
Your opinion will be appreciated. I firmly believe that an intelligent use of any or all three of these methods could make the present methods of surgery and radiation, (practically unchanged during the past 20 years), practically obsolete. The need is to get the professional organizations in authority over doctors and their practices to give these methods a fair and truthful trial.
In 1946 a bill was submitted to Congress, #S1875, whose purpose was to empower the President of the US to get a meeting together in a convenient location, of all the accredited research workers on the subject of cancer cure and treatment, to see if something could be done to improve the situation. And to appropriate sufficient money to do this. So far as I know, after some hearings, this bill was put away. Could it not be revived? What would be the procedure?
Except for writing to our congressmen can you suggest any way to try to get a fair trial for these three methods, or any one of them?
Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and God bless you.
Marvis Matthews
P.S. According to my findings, these three methods have in common the following:
1 They are within the financial reach of any ordinary person.
2 They remove the terror and mystery from the word "cancer", thus encouraging periodic check-up and early detection.
3 Afford a painless death for terminal cases.
Am I right?
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