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The Marshall W. Nirenberg Papers

Letter from Robert H. Broyles to Marshall W. Nirenberg pdf (269,062 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Robert H. Broyles to Marshall W. Nirenberg
Broyles, from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, thanks Nirenberg for participating in the Distinguished Lecturer Series and graduate course "Advanced Topics in Human Molecular Genetics." Nirenberg delivered a videotaped lecture on NK-2 homeobox genes in Drosophila.
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1995-06-29 (June 29, 1995)
Broyles, Robert H.
University of Oklahoma. Health Sciences Center
Nirenberg, Marshall W.
Reproduced with permission of Robert H. Broyles.
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From Neuroblastoma to Homeobox Genes, 1976-1992
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Series III: Laboratory Administration, [1959]-1993
SubSeries: Daily Books, 1968-1996
Folder: [unnumbered], 1995 May-1996 Jan
June 29, 1995
Dear Dr. Nirenberg:
Thank you again, very much, for participating in our Distinguished Lecturer Series and graduate course "Advanced Topics in Human Molecular Genetics." Your talk was truly outstanding, and I have received many laudatory comments from both students and faculty.
As you may recall from your visit, all the talks were recorded on videotape; and I probably mentioned that these tapes are kept as a lending library for educational purposes. I may also have mentioned that if the tape were to be used for any other purpose, I would first ask your permission. I am doing that now. Since the lectures this year were all of very high quality and since the recordings were also good, we have decided to sell the videotapes to generate income for helping to support the course in subsequent years. I have enclosed a release form for that purpose, which I hope that you will sign and mail back to me. Also, please Fax (405/271-3092) a copy of the form to me before you mail it, as my TV producer is eager to get going on this project and would like to know that the form is on its way. If you need to discuss this first, or if there is a problem or objection that we have not previously discussed, please call me at (405)271-1644.
Thanks again for the outstanding lecture. The students were very impressed and greatly stimulated by your visit. You helped make this our best of the three years the course has been conducted. I appreciate it very much.
Robert H. Broyles, Ph.D.
Professor, Course Director
[Handwritten note: Marshall,
If this is O.K., leave the original with Shirley and I will stop by the office on July 7th, when I will be at NIH.
"Advanced Topics In Human Molecular Genetics"
Biochemistry 6502 - A seminar/discussion course
Sponsored by The Oklahoma Center for Molecular Medicine
Taught by OUHSC Faculty and Invited, Internationally-known Lecturers
Lecture is at 4:00 p.m. in BSEB-320 except as noted.*
Topics and Distinguished Guest Faculty for the Spring Semester. 1995:
* Jan 19: Arthur Kornberg, Stanford*#
"Inorganic Polyphosphate: A Molecular Fossil Come to Life" West Lecture Hall, BSEB
Jan 26: Griffin Rodgers, NIH, NIDDK
"Reversing Ontogeny: Therapeutic Trials to Modulate Human Globin Expression"
Feb. 2: Stuart Orkin, Harvard(H)*
"Genetic Control of Hematopoietic Development"
Feb. 9: Anita Roberts, NIH, NCI
"New Insights From the TGF-[beta]1 Knockout Mouse"
Feb. 16: Larry Simpson, UCLA (H)
"RNA Editing in Trypanosome Mitochondria"
Feb. 23 Alan Wolffe, NIH, NICHD
"Nucleic Acid Presentation: Mundane Packaging Proteins Regulate Gene Expression"
Mar. 2: All students to attend Presbyterian Health Foundation 10th Anniversary Symposium: "A Salute to Molecular Biology". Speakers: James D. Watson#, James Wyngaarden*, Elizabeth Zimmer, W. French Anderson, James W. Gusella, Mark H. Skolnick, Ganesh M. Kishore, and David Suzuki.
Mar. 3: Elizabeth Zimmer, Smithsonian
Meeting with students in BMSB-833
Mar. 9: Carol Clayberger, Stanford
Scanlan Lecture - "Induction of Immune Tolerance by HLA Peptides"
Mar. 29: Jean-Marc Egly, CNRS/INSERM**
"The Basic Transcription Factor BTF2/TFIIH" Wileman Auditorium, OMRF
Mar. 30: Curtis Harris, NIH, NCI*
"p53, Cell Cycle Control, and Apoptosis" (Clinical Implications of Tumor Suppressors)
Apr. 4: Joseph Gall, Carnegie*
"Spliceosomes, Snurposomes, and Coiled Bodies: Keys to RNA Processing"
Apr. 27: Elizabeth Hay, Harvard*
"Genes Controlling Tissue Transformations in the Embryo"
*May 4: Marshall Nirenberg, NIH, NHLBI*#
"The NK2 Homeobox Gene and Early Development of the Central Nervous System" West Lecture Hall, BSEB
May 16: Elizabeth Neufeld, UCLA*
"Molecular Approaches to Lysosomal Storage Diseases"
(H) Howard Hughes Medical Institute
* Member, National Academy of Sciences
** Member, EMBO (European Molec. Biol. Organiz.)
# Nobel Laureate
Particulars: Meets in BSEB-320 3-3 1/2 hrs. per week (each Tues. and Thurs., 4-5pm., plus extra time with Guest Faculty), 2 credits, letter-graded. Each student presents one 20-minute oral analysis of a research paper as part of class discussion. Registration: By permission (see Dr. Broyles).
Students and Fellows: The main purpose of this course is for students to have personal contact with internationally-recognized scientists (several are Nobel Laureates and many are members of the National Academy of Sciences). Most of the lectures will be heavily attended; only registered students will be guaranteed seats and will meet with the guest speakers. You are encouraged to register for the course and take advantage of this opportunity.
Consent For Use Of Picture And Voice
Name: Marshall W. Nirenberg, Ph.D.
Address: National Institutes of Health
The undersigned hereby authorizes or ratifies the taking of videotapes, motion pictures, photographs, and/or voice recordings by the University of Oklahoma subject to the following conditions:
1. That said videotapes, motion pictures, photographs, and/or voice recordings, the publication, showing, or other use thereof will be for the purpose of educational use only.
2. Further, I relinquish and give to the University of Oklahoma all right, title and interest I may have in the finished and/or reproduced videotapes, motion pictures, photographs, and/or voice recordings.
3. That the nature, purpose and proposed use of said videotapes, motion pictures, photographs, and/or voice recordings has been fully explained to and is understood to me. I acknowledge that no guarantee has been made as to the results that may be obtained.
4. That no royalty, fee or other compensation of any character shall become payable by reason of the taking or use of such videotapes, motion pictures, photographs, and/or voice recordings.
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