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The Marshall W. Nirenberg Papers

Letter from Israel Halperin to Marshall W. Nirenberg pdf (75,972 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Israel Halperin to Marshall W. Nirenberg
Halperin, Director of the International Campaigns for Human Rights, provides Nirenberg with a bulletin detailing the rampant torture and abduction in Chile under the regime of Augusto Pinochet. Halperin asks Nirenberg to add his name to a message speaking out against these abuses that will be sent to every member of the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations.
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1989-02-17 (February 17, 1989)
Halperin, Israel
International Campaigns for Human Rights
Nirenberg, Marshall W.
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Laboratory of Biochemical Genetics
Courtesy of Marshall W. Nirenberg.
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Beyond the Laboratory: Professional, Personal, and Political Life, 1967-2002
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February 17, 1989
Dear Dr. Nirenberg, Nobel Laureate
From the enclosed Bulletin you will see that an extraordinary community of persons and groups in all walks of life have agreed to speak out with determination and persistence to stop all torture and abduction in Chile.
This community now includes many, many thousands of persons, among them 125 Nobel Laureates, eminent writers, artists, scientists, clergy, trade unionists, National Academies of several countries, Presidents of many leading universities in many countries.
Chile is just the focus of the present campaign. When it ends successfully, we will campaign to end apartheid in South Africa. By focusing on one issue at a time, we intend to build an ever-increasing community to ensure that every government lives up to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
These Campaigns are the donation of time and energy by some hundreds of busy scientists, writers, and others. We have no salaried employees and our expenses are just the unavoidable ones (but high): printing, postage, telephone.
We separate these Campaigns from all political movements and we are neither controlled, nor financed, by any group of any kind. If we could raise sufficient funds, we could use a part-time secretary, and greatly expand the reach of our Campaigns.
Would you be willing to have your name appear in our Bulletins as supporting the Chile Campaign? the Apartheid Campaign, when it begins?
There would be no other obligation involved, although any other help you could give the Campaigns: financial, publicity, would be welcome.
Israel Halperin
Director of the International Campaigns For Human Rights
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