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The Marshall W. Nirenberg Papers

Letter from Nicolas G. Bazan to Marshall W. Nirenberg pdf (116,824 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Nicolas G. Bazan to Marshall W. Nirenberg
Bazen, Professor of Ophthalmology, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology and Director of the Neuroscience Center at the School of Medicine in New Orleans, updates Nirenberg on the neuroscience company he and Lloyd Horrocks founded. Nirenberg agreed to be a scientific advisor to the company as the main theme of the company was to apply signal transduction technology to develop drugs to treat neurological diseases.
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1993-05-27 (May 27, 1993)
Bazan, Nicolas G.
Nirenberg, Marshall W.
Reproduced with permission of Nicolas G. Bazan.
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Beyond the Laboratory: Professional, Personal, and Political Life, 1967-2002
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Series III: Laboratory Administration, [1959]-1993
SubSeries: Daily Books, 1968-1996
Folder: #263 - #322, 1991 Sep-1994 May
27 May, 1993
Dear Marshall:
I would like to bring you up-to-date on the neuroscience company established by Lloyd Horrocks and myself originally called BrainChemTech. Recently, we have decided to rename it as B&H Pharmaceuticals, Inc. It was very kind of you to agree to be a scientific advisor to this company when I contacted you a few months ago. I would like to reaffirm this relationship with you. As I mentioned at that time, Lloyd will be full time in the company and I will Chair the Scientific Advisory Board. I plan to continue to devote most of my time to my current university research laboratory.
The company has recently picked up momentum and seems ready to be launched. We have enlisted the services of Dr. Alex To in putting the start-up activities together. Dr. To is a very experienced management consultant and was previously vice president of a large New York venture capital firm which specialized in medical product companies. We have interviewed a series of CEO candidates as Chief Executive Officer and will make the final selection shortly. The company is also under negotiation with several institutions in order to obtain licenses to patents.
Most importantly, we are under discussion with venture capital firms and investors, and it looks very likely that the funding will be in place in the near future. Some of these investors may contact you in their due diligence process. I am wondering if you would be so kind as to take time from your busy schedule and answer their inquires, please give your honest opinion to any question the investors may have.
To reiterate my previous communication, the main theme too of the company is to apply signal transduction technology to develop drugs to treat neurological diseases. Products include neuroprotective agents, CDP-ethanolamine, and a slow release dopamine microcapsule, among others.
Thanks again for your kind support. I hope that I will be in the position to discuss specific terms of your advisorship in the near future.
Best regards,
Nicolas G. Bazan, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Ophthalmology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Neurology
Director, Neuroscience Center
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