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The Victor A. McKusick Papers

Letter from Victor A. McKusick to John L. Fuller pdf (96,907 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Victor A. McKusick to John L. Fuller
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1962-03-16 (March 16, 1962)
McKusick, Victor A.
Fuller, John L.
Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory
Original Repository: Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives. Victor Almon McKusick Collection
Reproduced with permission of Anne B. McKusick.
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The Bar Harbor Course and "McKusick's Catalog," 1960-1980
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Letters (correspondence)
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March 16, 1962
Dear John:
I have word from Malcolm A. Ferguson-Smith that he will not be returning here next year. As far as the Cytogenetics part of the course is concerned, I would plan to make Bill Young responsible for the Hopkins part of it. I have accepted as a student for the course, Dr. Berwind N. Kaufmann who was a fellow here for 18 months in the Cytogenetics laboratory and who has just left me to go to the University of Mississippi. He will be a big help in the Cytogenetics part of the course. I am sure it would be useful to him if it were possible to give him some financial support. I have, however, made no promises in this regard.
We have as our new Professor of Biophysics and Chairman of a new department of Biophysics, Dr. Howard Dintzis from M.I.T. He is a truly outstanding person who has done good work on the mechanisms of protein synthesis. Beginning next year Dintzis will take over from Bill Young and the operation of the basic genetic courses for the medical students. Partly for this reason, which has political implications and partly because I think Dintzis himself could use the educational processes involved in being one of the faculty (!), I would like to raise the possibility that he might be included in the course on the faculty. He would be the appropriate person to give the lecture on DNA, on DNA-RNA and protein synthesis interrelationships, and on the nature of the genetic code.
I have no way of knowing, of course, whether Dintzis would be able or interested to come. I will not open discussions on it until I hear from you.
I suppose it is likely that the budget will be easier if we do not pay rent for the Oakes Center. As I mentioned before, Boyer and probably some of the others seemed to have a hard time making ends meet with the stipend as it has been in previous years.
I have postponed giving too much thought to the matter of curriculum until after April 1 when the applications will be closed. Glass is going to Europe and will not be available for the second week. We will have to arrange to have his contributions in the first week.
I have recently submitted a quite extensive review "On the X-chromosome of Man" which will, I think, be published in the Quarterly Review of Biology. I have made a catalog of bona fide sex-linked traits in man, some 60 in all, review the information on linkage relationships, surveyed cytologic information which has recently accumulated and discussed the Lyon hypothesis. I don't have a spare copy of the manuscript at the moment, but as soon as I have one available, I will send it to you. I would also like to have the Greens give me suggestions they have about it. I am wondering whether the material would be suitable for one of the Wednesday evening lectures.
Best regards.
Victor A. McKusick, M.D.
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