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The Victor A. McKusick Papers

[Application to National Foundation-March of Dimes for Bar Harbor Course funding] pdf (194,768 Bytes) transcript of pdf
[Application to National Foundation-March of Dimes for Bar Harbor Course funding]
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ca. December 1960
McKusick, Victor A.
Original Repository: Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives. Victor Almon McKusick Collection
Reproduced with permission of Anne B. McKusick.
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Financial Support
Genetics, Medical
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The Bar Harbor Course and "McKusick's Catalog," 1960-1980
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Short Course in Medical Genetics
(Heredity and Disease in Men and Animals)
Held in Bar Harbor, Maine
August 6-20, 1961
Under the joint sponsorship of the Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Co-Directors: John B. Fuller, Ph.D. (for the Jackson Laboratory) and Victor A. McKusick, M.D. (for Johns Hopkins)
I. Purpose: To give for a second year an intensive two-week course in the background and substance of medical genetics.
We see the role of the course to be as follows:
A. In recruiting. A certain number of deans of Medical schools and professors of medicine, pediatrics and preventative medicine will, it is planned, be included each year in the group of "students". Since these are persons concerned in advising young people in a choice of a field within academic medicine, recruiting for medical genetics should be greatly assisted. (A majority of the students will be members of faculties of medical schools, at about the assistant professor level.)
A small number of biology teachers from undergraduate schools will be accepted as students.
A small number of recent medical graduates who think they may be interested in the field of medical genetics will be accepted.
B. In improving the teaching of medical genetics in medical schools throughout the country.
II. Previous Work. With the support of the National Foundation an essential identical course was given in August, 1960. See Progress Report.
Forty-five "students", most of them senior members of medical school faculties, took the course in 1960. It was the advice of the students and of the staff that the course be repeated in essentially the same form. The plan is to give the course at Bar Harbor.
Sessions are held from 8:30-12:30 each morning and 8-10 P.M. each evening. The afternoons are left free for reading and informal conferences. The excellent McGraw-Hill lecture films were used to supplement the regular sessions. These films were shown afternoons and after the evening sessions.
III. Participants (Staff)
From Roscoe B. Jackson Laboratory
Douglas L. Coleman Ph.D., John L. Fuller, Ph.D., Earl L. Green, Ph.D., Margaret C. Green, Ph.D., A. B. Griffith, Ph.D., Meredith N. Runner, Ph.D., Elizabeth S. Russell, Ph.D.
From Johns Hopkins University
Helen Abbey, Sc.D., S. H. Boyer, IV, M.D., Barton Childs, M.D., Malcolm A. Ferguson-Smith, M.B., Ch.B., Bentley Glass, Ph.D., Victor A. McKusick, M.D., Abraham M. Lilienfeld, M.D., E. A. Murphy, M.D., William J. Young, Ph.D.
Guest lecturers
Park Gerald, M.D., Boston, Clarke Fraser, M.D., Montreal (Two others will be invited.)
IV. Biographical Data.
Fuller, John L., psychobiologist. B. 1910. B.S., Bates College, 1931. Ph.D., Mass. Inst. Tech., 1935. Faculty, Sarah Lawrence College, Clark University, University of Maine 1935-1947. Staff scientist, Jackson Memorial Laboratory, Bar Harbor since 1947. Present position: Assistant director for training, Jackson Laboratory. Co-author of Behavior Genetics, Wiley, 1960.
McKusick, Victor A., Born October 21, 1921. M.D., Johns Hopkins, 1946. Intern and residency training, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1946-1948 and 1950-1952. Staff, Cardiovascular Clinic, U.S.P.H.S. Hospital, Baltimore, 1948-1952. Full-time staff, Department of Medicine, Johns Hopkins, 1952 to present. Present position: Professor of Medicine; Physician, Johns Hopkins Hospital; Physician-in-Charge, The Moore Clinic; Chief, Division of Medical Genetics.
V. Facilities for program. It is proposed to use again the Oakes Center (at Bar Harbor, Maine) rented from Bowdoin College for this purpose. The ballroom of this former summer residence is well suited for the lectures and dining facilities are provided by staff from Bowdoin College.
VI. Current Funds for Program. No funds are now available except for $774.50 unexpended from the grant for 1960 (see Budget). No tuition will be charged.
VII. Pending or Anticipated Applications. None.
VIII. Official title and exact address.
a. Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Me.
Stipends for faculty (20 persons) $4200.00
Stenographic expenses, books, misc. 500.00
Rental of Oakes Center 2000.00
Teaching Expenses 1800.00
Travel of faculty 4300.00
Sub-total $12,800.00
Carried over from last year 774.50
Overhead at 10% 1202.55
Amount requested $13,228.05
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