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The Victor A. McKusick Papers

Letter from David Kristofferson to Victor A. McKusick pdf (238,871 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from David Kristofferson to Victor A. McKusick
Item is a photocopy.
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1989-10-05 (October 5, 1989)
Kristofferson, David
McKusick, Victor A.
Original Repository: Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives. Victor Almon McKusick Collection
Reproduced with permission of David Kristofferson.
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Genome, Human
Human Genome Project
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Medical Genetics, Molecular Biology, and the Human Genome Project, 1980-2008
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Letters (correspondence)
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5 October 1989
Dear Dr. McKusick:
I spoke to you briefly during the Human Genome conference in San Diego about forming an electronic bulletin board for HUGO. I noted that I have been in touch with Clay Stephens at HGML about a newsgroup that we have called GENOMIC-ORGANIZATION. He and Tom Marr were interested in moderating it, but Tom apparently is moving to Cold Spring Harbor and may be out of the picture.
Nonetheless, this newsgroup may be of considerable utility to HUGO. I enclose some information about the BIOSCI newsgroups of which GENOMIC-ORGANIZATION is a part. We have distribution centers both here in the U.S. and in Europe. Anyone with electronic mail access to networks such as BITNET, EARN, and the Internet can participate without cost in these groups. A single message is broadcast within minutes to all readers around the globe, reaching places as far away as Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia, and Israel. Given this facility, it would easy for HUGO to make public announcements that would quickly reach many countries without cost. We at GenBank would also be happy to assist you in setting up any other communications needs that HUGO might require. As long as these can be done over the networks named above, this service can also be provided without cost to HUGO simply as part of our mission to further communications with the biological community.
Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or need further information.
David Kristofferson, Ph.D.
GenBank On-line Service Manager
The BIOSCI bulletin board network was developed to allow easy worldwide communications between biological scientists who work on a variety of computer networks. By having distribution sites or "nodes" on each major network, BIOSCI allows its users to contact people on other networks around the world without having to learn a variety of computer addressing tricks. Any user can simply post a message to his/her regional BIOSCI node (see list below) and copies of the message will be distributed automatically to all other subscribers on all of the participating networks.
The following is a list of newsgroup topics available for distribution to sites on the ARPANET/Internet, BITNET, EARN, NETNORTH, HEANET, and JANET as well as UUCP sites. For each of these bboards, BITNET name abbreviations and analogous UNIX USENET newsgroup names is provided in a second list below. Also below is a list of the various sites (nodes) that distribute the bboards, the address format for posting messages, and the addresses used for subscription requests.
The following list includes BITNET newsgroup names (<= 8 characters) and also the names of the corresponding UNIX USENET newsgroups.
Messages can be posted directly to any of these newsgroups without editorial intervention. Use of the address format
bboardname[at sign]nodename
where "bboardname" comes from either the left or middle column below and "nodename" is found at the bottom of the respective column.
For example, the BIOSCI node at SERC Daresbury in the U.K. utilizes the BITNET names and is thus listed below the middle column in the following list. To post a message to the METHODS-AND-REAGENTS newsgroup, U.K. users would mail to methods[at sign]
USENET users can also post news directly to the USENET groups listed below by using the "postnews" software on their local UNIX computer.
Be sure to set the message distribution to "world." USENET groups are read using, e.g., the "readnews," "rn," or "vnews" software on UNIX systems.
Subscription Requests and Other Information
Subscription requests and/or requests for further information about the BIOSCI bborad network can be sent to the address
biosci[at sign]xxxx
where "xxxx" can be any of the node addresses in the list below, e.g., biosci[at sign] in the United Kingdom. Interested parties outside of Europe and North America should contact whichever node is most convenient. The following list also details the computer networks serviced by each BIOSCI node.
NOTE TO BITNET/EARN/NETNORTH USERS: Currently LISTSERV service is available from IRLEARN (NOT from any of the other BIOSCI nodes!!!!). To subscribe to any of the newsgroups from IRLEARN, send a message to LISTSERV[at sign]IRLEARN.UCD.IE (or LISTSERV[at sign]IRLEARN) containing one of the following lines in your message to select the newsgroup of interest. Replace your personal name in the list below with your own name (for example: SUBSCRIBE $BIONEWS John A. Doe).
Mail one of the below to LISTSERV[at sign]IRLEARN.UCD.IE
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