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The Christian B. Anfinsen Papers

Memorandum from Christian B. Anfinsen to Howard Seliger pdf (73,261 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Memorandum from Christian B. Anfinsen to Howard Seliger
In this memo to Seliger, Anfinsen officially informed the head of his department at Johns Hopkins University that his lab was about to begin experiments into thermophilic bacteria that would employ radioactive isotopes.
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1983-10-18 (October 18, 1983)
Anfinsen, Christian B.
Seliger, Howard
Reproduced with permission of Libby Anfinsen.
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Series: Correspondence, 1965-1999
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SubSubSeries: Johns Hopkins University, 1978-1995
Folder: Department of Biology, 1983
October 18, 1983
To: Professor Howard Seliger
From: Christian B. Anfinsen
Subject: Radioactive Isotope Experiments
I am writing to let you know that we will soon be starting some experiments that will employ radioactive isotopes. These studies will involve testing the ability of extreme thermophilic bacteria to carry out certain metabolic processes that might be of interest to American Cyanamid and ourselves. We will probably be examining the growth of organisms by isotopic means, namely, the formation of DNA and total protein with time during growth employing tritiated nucleotides and labeled amino acids or amino acid precursors. The work will involve the efforts of two graduate students from Chemical Engineering who will be working in the laboratory in Mudd Hall. These individuals are John Godchalk and Stuart Hurwitz. Dr. Akira Komoriya and I will also be participating in many of these experiments, and in a few weeks, Dr. Jody Deming, and possibly a third graduate student will join the group. We have a suitable hood in the laboratory, but will probably utilize the isotope laboratory of Dr. Roseman for any experiments that might require special isotope facilities. I had a permit for using isotopes at NIB, for many years, and would be happy to review the recommended procedures, and to make sure that my colleagues are adequately trained for isotope work. Although we may eventually begin using P-32 labeled substances, the initial studies will employ only tritium and Carbon 14.
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