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The Christian B. Anfinsen Papers

Letter from Christian B. Anfinsen to Carl M. Good pdf (84,111 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Christian B. Anfinsen to Carl M. Good
In this letter, Anfinsen asked Good and his company to donate equipment for the lab he was establishing at Johns Hopkins University to work on thermophilic bacteria.
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1983-03-15 (March 15, 1983)
Anfinsen, Christian B.
Good, Carl M.
Millipore Waters Associates
Reproduced with permission of Libby Anfinsen.
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March 15, 1983
Dear Carl:
It was very pleasant to see you again during your recent visit to Johns Hopkins. The discussion with Dick Johns was particularly interesting, and I would imagine by this time you have received the confidentiality form that David Blake mentioned. I hope that something will develop that will be beneficial to both Millipore Waters and the group here developing chemical sensors.
I am writing to you now just to let you know that I am about to set up a new laboratory of my own -finally- and that I have begun to think about equipping it. I plan to get into some rather interesting work with several other colleagues on the campus and at the Marine Biology station at Shady Side, which will involve a study in depth of the chemistry and metabolism and general behavior of some extremely interesting organisms that live in the waters emerging from tectonic plate vents. These crazy animals seem to enjoy life at 350 degrees C. and 300 atmospheres and should have some fascinating proteins and nucleic acids in them. As with Dan Lane at the Medical School, I will have definite need for a proper HPLC, which is also capable of doing amino acid analyses on relatively small samples. The apparatus that is built at Waters seems to be ideal for these purposes. I know that the exchequer of most corporations tends to be somewhat depleted this year after a rather poor 1952, but I hope that an improved economy together with favorable IRS policies on the tax deductibility of corporate gifts to universities might make it possible to get this kind of equipment at, at least, a reduced cost. Excuse my bluntness in asking, but now that I am about to break some glass myself I find that I am able to lose my usual total aversion for asking for things.
It was great, as usual, to see you, and I hope we will have a chance to get together soon again.
Best regards,
Sincerely yours,
Christian B. Anfinsen
P. S. You may remember that Denny Powers has also expressed an interest in HPLC equipment, Since he and I will be involved in the same research, a machine, if available, would be shared by us.
cc: John Dearden
Susan PuderSettle
Dan Lane
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