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The Barbara McClintock Papers

Letter from Almiro Blumenschein to R. W. Richardson, Jr. pdf (121,637 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Almiro Blumenschein to R. W. Richardson, Jr.
Blumenschein, one of the Latin American scholars trained by McClintock through the Rockefeller-funded program at the North Carolina State College, requested funds to collect maize samples from northeast Brazil.
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1965-08-02 (August 2, 1965)
Blumenschein, Almiro
Richardson, R. W. Jr
Original Repository: American Philosophical Society. Library. Barbara McClintock Papers
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Zea mays
South America
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August 2, 1965.
Dear Dr. Richardson:
Within our program on cytology of corn we have planed some collecting or recollecting trips of maize. The first of these trips which I am planning to carry out, is to the north-east of Brazil, from where we never got a good sampling of local varieties. This is an important region for our purpose because it will certainly show a possible migration of maize races from the Antilhas to the south of South America.
My plan is to take this trip by driving a station wagon along the Brazilian coast, starting at Piracicaba going until Sao Luis at Maranhao State, stopping in Salvador, Bahia; Aracaju, Sergipe; Maceio, Alagoas; Recife, Pernambuco; Joao Pessoa, Paraiba; Natal, Rio Grande do Norte; Fortalesa, Ceara, and Teresina, Piaui. From each of these points small lateral trips will be done.
We figured support for the following expenses will be necessary:
1. Expenses with gas, oil, etc. . . . US $400.00
2. Per diem expenses for 2 persons . . . US $700.00
3. Other expenses . . . US $100.00
TOTAL . . . US $1,200.00
I intend to use one of our station wagons and I have to take a person from our staff to help the driving and the collection itself. I figured I will be able to carry out this trip in 40 days.
I could do this trip by airplane, and certainly save time. However, I would be tied to local people in getting transportation to the places where the corn is found, and as I know our conditions, this could cause a lot of troubles and deficiencies.
As you know, Dr. Major M. Goodman is here with us under a post doctoral fellowship from N.S.F., working on corn. It would be very interesting and helpful if he could go along with me in this trip. He would expend about US $350.00 in per diem expenses. However his fellowship does not cover expenses for traveling within Brazil. I ask you about the possibility that the Rockefeller Foundation could cover these expenses.
I understand that the support for my expenses can be taken from the US$ 50,000.00 grant that the Foundation gave to our Institute for the international maize program. I do not know if Goodman's expenses could be taken from their grant also or if the Foundation could give a special grant.
Sincerely yours,
A. Blumenschein
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