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The Barbara McClintock Papers

Letter from Barbara McClintock to Almiro Blumenschein pdf (101,996 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Barbara McClintock to Almiro Blumenschein
A very cordial letter in which McClintock updated Blumenschein on several recent developments, including her findings on the origins of the medium knob complex.
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1966-11-30 (November 30, 1966)
McClintock, Barbara
Blumenschein, Almiro
Original Repository: American Philosophical Society. Library. Barbara McClintock Papers
Reproduced with permission of the Barbara McClintock Papers, American Philosophical Society.
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Zea mays
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Searching for the Origins of Maize in Latin America, 1957-1981
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Letters (correspondence)
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November 30, 1966
Dear Almiro:
Your letter of November 23 came rapidly and I was pleased to learn that you had received the maize samples from Port Collins.
On returning to Cold Spring Harbor I discovered that the folder for chromosome 10 had not been given to you. I have copied the information for the a and b knobs and for the distribution of Abnormal chromosome 10. The maps are being sent to you separately by airmail at the same time as this letter. This is done just in case the larger envelope should be delayed. You will learn from this letter that the maps are on their way to you. They need not be returned as I have copies of them.
I was most pleased with our meeting in Mexico. Much of importance was accomplished and the new information has strengthened the postulates that we formulated during our meeting last January. Since returning from Mexico I have gone over some of the data in an attempt to learn where the medium-knob complex may have originated. I now suspect that this may be in the Oaxaca-Pueblo area of Mexico.
I have not yet contacted Dr. Cutler. This is because I felt that I should review first the published accounts of archeological maize. Thus, I have again read the papers of Mangelsdorf, MacNeish and Galinat. Also, I have read some accounts of the geology and archeology of the Americas during the past 20,000 years. I needed some of this background knowledge before talking with Cutler. Also, I have ordered a book that contains a number of papers by Carl Sauer. I saw a copy of this book in our public library and recognized its significance for our purposes. His map of the migrations of man in the Americas looks like the maps we have drawn. I will send you a copy of this map after the book arrives. When I have done a bit more reading, I shall go to St. Louis to discuss archeological maize with Cutler. I fill let you know what I learn from him.
All good luck with the season for maize. The results should become increasingly interesting, and reward you for your efforts.
Barbra McClintock
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