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The Barbara McClintock Papers

Letter from Charles R. Burnham to Barbara McClintock pdf (264,237 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Charles R. Burnham to Barbara McClintock
A letter that is largely personal, although Burnham does briefly discuss some of his recent research. The paper referenced in the letter's opening is likely McClintock's article that appeared in "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" in December of 1932.
Item is handwritten.
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1932-10-05 (October 5, 1932)
Burnham, Charles R.
McClintock, Barbara
Original Repository: American Philosophical Society. Library. Barbara McClintock Papers
Reproduced with permission of the University of Minnesota, University Archives. Charles Burnham Papers.
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Zea mays
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From Ithaca to Berlin and Back Again, 1931-1935
Metadata Record A Correlation of Ring-Shaped Chromosomes with Variegation in Zea Mays (December 15, 1932) pdf (490,807 Bytes) ocr (13,785 Bytes)
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Letters (correspondence)
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Oct. 5, 1932
Wed. night
Dear Barb:
Stadler has just sent off your paper. He has been busy on his Congress paper. I made quite lot of suggestions, which, of course, I want you to consider only as such. Not being able to talk them over, I may have given them quite a different emphasis or slant from what you had intended.
Not much of any news, or so it seems. -- I guess I haven't written you though since I worked on the [scientific symbol] which is closely linked with wx. The break is on the short arm of number 9 and out beyond the knob of number 5. At dk -- , out of 106 figures, 58 had 10II", 40 has a chain of IV, and 8 were rings. Apparently more of the breaks to form chains on at or in the end of the pr chromosome; although of course the other one breaks very frequently (from the evidence on the number of "pairs").
In prophase, there is a lot of sliding. I have found the cross coming off on the short arm side adjacent to the insertion region, bringing the pr knob at the cross. It slides on out the short arm of number 9, (no figures found slid in the other direction), out to where the pr arm of the cross consists of only a few chromomeres -- and on out to where these ends don't seem to reach -- or they simply failed to synapse. I got a few photographs but they aren't particularly good, except for my
I am enclosing some bum ones!!
own records. There isn't a great deal of asynapsis. I wonder, if ends tend to synapse first, all one would need to give all this sliding would be for the different chromosomes to start in this process at different times, at least not at the same instant. Or it conceivably might be different rates. It might be a matter of chance, depending on conditions, which one or ones started first -- and this might vary at each division. One would expect some sliding in all translocations, but the ones with unequal pieces interchanged should tend to show the most. I will have to make my counts for crossing over in cshwx, but last year's evidence indicated no decrease.
I worked a little on my [scientific formula]2-3, but figures weren't very good -- possibly the weather has been too cold. We are expecting a frost tonight, but may miss it. My corn still needs a week or so to bring out the tassels.
Some more counts on number 8 2n plus 1 with Chocolate, out of 250 plants, about 1/2 were chocolate. Doesn't look like it is in number 8. Does Emerson have any dope? -- I am writing him.
Well, when are you heading west? -- Will you be able to stop off here?
Oh yes, Cal. Tech. hasn't lost a scope -- must have been at Mich. I had a long letter from Andy, in which he seemed to have very few complaints
He even offered to give me board and room out there if I can get where I want to move. I am afraid it wouldn't be too good out there, I couldn't manage to keep my spirits up -- for several reasons.
I wouldn't mind stopping off at Riverside -- but Leslie is going to send me seed of some of the 2n plus 1 tomato mutants.
Have you been playing tennis? I haven't been out, but have played golf a couple of times. -- I saw the 4 Marx Bros. in Horse Feathers -- rather good in spots, also a little raw.
What do you have that is new? Did you hear from Lammerts. He wrote that there is some quadrivalent formation along with that carmine-coral business.
Well, Barb, guess I will sign off and write those other letters.
Oh yes, I see Beadle's paper on Teosinte is out. Did I tell you I looked at Stadler's F1 and didn't find any insertion regions which didn't correspond. Also, there didn't seem to be as many knobs in this material -- this latter could vary.
(I had to reopen this!)
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