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The Barbara McClintock Papers

Letter from Barbara McClintock to Charles R. Burnham pdf (127,761 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Barbara McClintock to Charles R. Burnham
McClintock informed Burnham that her employment situation was still uncertain and that she was able to salvage some plants that she previously believed perished in an accident. She also discussed her classes, research findings, and some of the plant groups with which she would be working with soon.
Item is handwritten. Item is a photocopy.
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1930-02-20 (February 20, 1930)
McClintock, Barbara
Burnham, Charles R.
Original Repository: University of Minnesota, University Archives. Charles Burnham Papers
Reproduced with permission of the University of Minnesota, University Archives. Charles Burnham Papers
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Zea mays
Staining and Labeling
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Education and Research at Cornell, 1925-1931
Metadata Record Letter from Barbara McClintock to Charles R. Burnham (January 23, 1930) pdf (205,724 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Letters (correspondence)
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Feb. 20, 1930
Dear Charlie,
Just a note to let you know I have counted your B11(2). It has 21 chrs. as expected. There were plenty of figures and I believe you could have done it with no difficulty.
My plants are coming all right now. I was able to save some of each.
Of your material I am growing B11(13) plus one crossed with B83(3) for c-sh-wx chr. or the other if it comes out. The 2n plus 1 individuals were smaller than the 2n in the seedling stage so all the first counts were from 20 chr. plants, all the later counts, taken from the smaller plants were 2n plus 1. So far I do not see any startling differences. I will be looking at that material in a few weeks. B98(8) crossed with B13(2) [diagram] normal and wx seeds for normal and [diagram]. B134(20)(x) wx seeds for x-v2. I will let you know as soon as I get anything decent.
Have got a method of sticking spores to slide so can use any fixes, any stain, and yet no sections. Will make some good ones I hope, for permanent use. The anther is put in H2O from killed or alcohol preservative to take away acid and alc. -- not for long. Then smeared on slide as usual which has a layer of egg-glycerine mixture rubbed overer [sic] it. Place slide in 95 percent alc. This will harden the albumin and most of the spores will stick.
Our cytology class is huge. -- Over 50 in the lecture and 44 in the lab. We have 3 sections meeting twice a week or 6 lab periods for me. I don't like it but such is a job. I have'nt [sic] heard from Brink but imagine Clarke is going to be O.K. He wrote me he is trying to identify the chrs. I hope he has no trouble. I still don't know whether Randolph will stay or go so don't know where I stand as far as the Missouri job is concerned.
Jenkins is fine; a good worker and a good lab.-mate. We have a nice bunch here now; such a difference without Beadle. Everyone notices the difference. Write the newest dope soon--
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