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The Wilbur A. Sawyer Papers

Letter from Wilbur A. Sawyer to Margaret Sawyer pdf (205,182 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Wilbur A. Sawyer to Margaret Sawyer
Dr. Sawyer was in Georgia and Alabama inspecting malaria and hookworm control programs from late August to early October 1924, while his family finished a vacation in northern Michigan and prepared to move back to New York City. In this letter he described Dr. Heiser's visit to the program, including news of his possible next assignment with the Rockefeller Foundation.
NOTE: Sawyer seems to have used the last page of this letter as an expense list.
Item is handwritten.
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1924-09-14 (September 14, 1924)
Sawyer, Wilbur A.
Sawyer, Margaret
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From Hookworm to Yellow Fever: Rockefeller Foundation, 1919-1927
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Leesburg, Ga., Sept 14. 6am
Dear Sweetheart,
This letter will go to New York. I hope the one I mailed yesterday will get through to Idylwylde in time to catch you as you will need the check. My reimbursements of expense money have not arrived and would be very useful just now. Fortunately expenses are low and I am still running on the cash I brought with me.
Dr. Heiser was in good form and amused the whole verandah party with his stories of Japan. He thinks the Japanese project will be a large one and that it will go through. The signed agreement has not yet come. The plan involves an expenditure of a couple of million and includes help in public health education as well as public health work. Dr. Heiser has me in mind for this but Dr. Russell also has a plan for using me in the Division of Laboratories, which he gave up when he became General Director. These things will be settled in October after I am back. For the remainder of the
year I shall be in N.Y. Either of the jobs sounds interesting, but just now, with a minimum of information, I rather lean toward Japan. What do you think? Of course we are in the stage of maximum disgust with New York and greatest longing for a return to commutation. Salary increase has not been mentioned, but, I should think, might depend somewhat on the nature of the assignment. It looks to me that the assignments considered are the two best that I know about.
Dr. Heiser wants me to finish the month between Leesburg and Andalusia, and so I shall not be able to help you settle the school problem. Do what you think best. We can raise the money if it seems wise as there is some in the custodian account.
Dr. Leach has been assigned to Dr. Ferrell for Duty in the United States and Dr. Barnes has been given a few additional months study leave. Study leave is now on full pay as in line of duty.
I expect to leave here by the 17th or 18th for Andalusia, so send my letters in care of Dr. Smillie, Andalusia, Alabama. Send one soon!
We saw a colored movie in Albany as a farewell to Cumpston. I refer to a colored movie for whites. It was a desert picture and the coloring was quite successful. It was probably a little more tiring to the eyes than a black and white picture, although I do not see why it should be.
I shall have to dress now, or I shall not have an even break at the breakfast rush. I wish I were with you to help with the travel and school problems, but on the whole things seem to be moving forward all right and there is nothing to worry about.
Much love,
[Written on reverse, seems to be a grocery or expense list.]
Chicken 1.50 -
fruit 20
veg. 65
" 22
milk .36
fruit and veg .60
dinner 1.50
milk .13
milk 50
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