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The Wilbur A. Sawyer Papers

Letter from Wilbur A. Sawyer to Margaret Sawyer pdf (140,042 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Wilbur A. Sawyer to Margaret Sawyer
Between December 1937 and April 1938, Dr. Sawyer was traveling in France, India, Egypt, and Uganda to inspect Rockefeller Foundation projects in those countries. In this letter, he outlined his itinerary and where he could be contacted along the way.
Item is handwritten.
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1937-12-13 (December 13, 1937)
Sawyer, Wilbur A.
Sawyer, Margaret
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Public Health
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The Yellow Fever Laboratory: Rockefeller Foundation, 1928-1937
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1911-1995
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Folder: 1937
December 13, 1937
Dear Margaret:
Here we are, lying off Southampton, or rather the Isle of Wight(?), waiting for the tender to take up the passengers for London. The weather is as usual. Nothing but rain!
We have had a good trip. Very little seasickness on board and most of that acquired at the bar. We should reach Paris by train this evening. The ship is due in Le Havre at 3 p.m. Good old Le Havre, where I met you, Old Sweetheart, about seven years ago! Its pretty prosy to go through the place alone, with only Customs officials to talk to.
The itinerary I have in my note-books is as follows:
Dec. 13, 1937 Arrive, Paris.
Dec. 20, 1937 Leave for Delhi (flying from Marseilles).
" 23 Arrive in Delhi (Address c/o Dr. Jacocks, Hotel Cecil
Delhi. Cable Rockfound, Delhi.)
" Feb. 13, 1937. Leave Colombo by Italian Line, "Conte Rosso".
Feb. 22, 1937 Arr. Suez. Visit work in Egypt. c/o. Mr. Carter.
Feb 27, Leave Cairo for Port Bell Uganda by Imperial Airways.
[MARGIN NOTE:] I hope Dr A.J. Warren makes an opportunity--luncheon or other--at which you can meet Dr. J.B. Grant.
(in Uganda: c/o Dr. Mahaffy)
Mar. 16, 1937.
Mar. 30, 1938.
(Could be reached in London via Paris office in emergency, unless I send hotel address before then). (During entire time in India, address c/o Dr Jacocks)
For exact mail and cable addresses of Jacocks, Mahaffy, Paris office, etc., see little gray book. Miss Reed could give you the 1938 edition when it comes out.
I feel sorry for the people getting off here. They have been up for hours and are still waiting the privilege of going aboard the tender in the dismal rain and darkness. I suppose we shall be late in Le Havre.
The music is beginning for the guignol show and that seems to lift the gloom a little, although the faithful audience will be thinned by the loss of several children who are going ashore.
With much love to all of you and Kisses for you
Don't forget Mother Sawyer's checks toward end of Jan, Feb. and Mar.
Perhaps you will have opportunity to call on Mrs. Rickard at 400 Collins Ave., Mt. Vernon
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