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The Linus Pauling Papers

Letter from Linus Pauling to Elizabeth and Arthur M. Sackler pdf (73,982 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Linus Pauling to Elizabeth and Arthur M. Sackler
Item is a photocopy.
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1989-04-12 (April 12, 1989)
Pauling, Linus
Sackler, Elizabeth
Sackler, Arthur M.
Original Repository: Oregon State University. Library. Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers
Reproduced with permission of the Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers. Oregon State University Library.
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Ascorbic Acid
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
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Promoting Vitamin C
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Letters (correspondence)
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12 April 1989
Dear Elizabeth Sackler:
I am not clear as to whom I should send the enclosed Letter to the Editor of Medical Tribune, so I am sending it to you, to pass on to the proper person. I hope that my letter will be published in a forthcoming issue of Medical Tribune.
In addition, I am writing to tell you that there has been an exciting new development about vitamin C in relation to AIDS, and to suggest that perhaps Nathan Horwitz should investigate it, and be prepared to write an article about it when the story is released.
Over a year ago I was invited to attend the first public meeting of the President's Commission on AIDS, and I attended it, in Washington D.C. I gave each of the members of the Commission a copy of a statement prepared by my associate Dr. Ewan Cameron, and I also gave a copy to the Director of the Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases. I then met for an hour and a half with the Clinical Advisory Board of the Director, urging that some work be done on vitamin C in relation to AIDS. The Board decided against doing anything about it. I enclose a copy of the statement.
My associate Dr. Raxit Jariwalla and the members of his team have obtained some very interesting results in the laboratory about vitamin C and the AIDS virus. It is expected that these results will be published in Nature, possibly within six weeks or two months. It is this work that I think Nathan Horwitz should know about and be prepared to discuss, when the results are published in Nature. Probably our Institute will plan to bring out a news release at that time.
With best regards, I am
Sincerely yours,
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