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The Harold Varmus Papers

Letter from Natalie Teich, Imperial Cancer Research Fund Laboratories to Harold Varmus pdf (64,710 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Natalie Teich, Imperial Cancer Research Fund Laboratories to Harold Varmus
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1982-09-07 (September 7, 1982)
Teich, Natalie
Imperial Cancer Research Fund Laboratories
Varmus, Harold
Original Repository: University of California, San Francisco. Archives and Special Collections. Harold E. Varmus Papers
Reproduced with permission of Natalie Teich.
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Retroviruses and the Genetic Origins of Cancer, 1970-1993
Metadata Record Letter from Harold Varmus to Natalie Teich, Imperial Cancer Research Fund Laboratories (August 20, 1982) pdf (51,330 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Letters (correspondence)
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SubSubSeries: Human Retrovirus Study Group, 1981-1987
Folder: Human retrovirus study group correspondence, 1981-1987
7th September, 1982.
Dear Harold,
Thank you for your letter of 20th August. I am willing to chair the sub-committee of the Retrovirus Study Group to consider the nomenclature of human retroviruses. I hope that I will be considered an impartial referee. Before receiving the letter of the 20th, I had actually noticed the comment you had made in a previous letter about impending controversy and had hoped the issue had been resolved among the protagonists. In light of the problems in fulfilling Koch's postulates, has anyone considered a category HuRV or HRV for human retrovirus to detour around the leukemia-inducing connotation?
With nomenclature thoughts in mind, I recall that there is one item I neglected to comment upon related to your original letter on the official retrovirus nomenclature; that is, the classification of equine infectious anemia virus among the oncoviruses (omitted from the list). There has also been a recent report on a transforming equine retrovirus isolated from a sarcoma.
I'm compiling a list of typos and minor changes for Nancy's September 20th deadline. I am also planning to stress that it would be very important to have page numbers for chapter subsections listed next to the appropriate headings breakdown at the beginning of each chapter. The chapters are so long that it takes a lot of rifling to find an individual section. Also, Robin has found that the subject index is wanting (e.g., try finding A-type particles) for novices who don't know suitable alternative nomenclature. I would appreciate your support, particularly on the issue of page numbers.
I hear that there should be many v-onc and c-onc sequences for inclusion in the next edition of the book. I haven't heard many comments on the text, but assume that's because no one has read through it yet!
Best regards.
Natalie Teich
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