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The Louis Sokoloff Papers

Letter from Louis Sokoloff to Jacques Nunez pdf (113,284 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Louis Sokoloff to Jacques Nunez
Sokoloff wrote to Nunez regarding revisions of their joint paper on peroxidase kinetics; this was the sabbatical year project that shifted Sokoloff's paradigm for tracing glucose utilization in the brain.
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1973-03-28 (March 28, 1973)
Sokoloff, Louis
National Institute of Mental Health (U.S.)
Nunez, Jacques
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Establishing the Foundation for PET Scanning: the 2-Deoxyglucose Method, 1968-1978
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Letters (correspondence)
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March 28, 1973
Dear Jacques:
Enfin! Enclosed are four copies of the Peroxidase manuscript in "final" form. The original is included for you to send on to the Journal if you find it satisfactory.
I have gone over the manuscript very carefully and made revisions to improve the English, add clarity, etc. In all cases I tried to adhere as much as possible to your language in order to avoid changing the meaning. Nevertheless, I believe you should read the manuscript carefully to ensure that all of my changes meet with your agreement.
In order to minimize the amount of art work I have used some of the illustrations that were drawn for the previous draft. In some cases they are slightly different from the newer version which you sent me. Please check the Legends to the Figures to see that I have not made any mistakes which might lead to inconsistencies between the legends and the figures.
Table 1 presented me with a little problem which I have not yet satisfactorily resolved. In the right hand columns under H2O2 used for there were no units given to define what the numbers meant. Some units are necessary, and without them the Table is not clear. I had at first assumed that you meant per cent, and added that to the Table. If so, however, then some of the numbers do not add up to 100 percent, and I am puzzled. I recommend that you do something to clarify that Table.
As far as I remember we had agreed that the manuscript should go to the European Journal of Biochemistry. I still believe that this would be the wisest choice. Cleland is an editor of both the JBC and Biochemistry, and others editors of these Journals have told me that he is a terror on manuscripts using kinetic analyses not in his own "language". He had a paper on nomenclature in kinetics in BBA a number of years ago, and he expects everyone to accept and use his recommended nomenclature. We have not done so because, frankly, I believe his nomenclature to be arbitrary, confusing, and the substitution of terminology for thought. I would not expect that he would reject the paper merely because we did not use his nomenclature, but he could force us to revise the whole manuscript to suit him which, in my opinion, would represent a waste of time. The European Journal of Biochemistry is highly respected and widely read, and I would be entirely happy to have my papers published there.
Please keep me informed of the programs with this manuscript. I believe that this manuscript can make an important contribution, and I hope that it goes through to publication without any problems. It is a good feeling to have it on its way.
Best regards to Paulette, your children, and the paper of the Laboratory,
Yours sincerely,
Louis Sokoloff, M.D.
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